Monday, April 03, 2017

Peter Lumaj Creates Exploritory Committee

I was incredibly dismayed to hear the news about Aetna Inc. and their possible relocation to Boston. Years of failed liberal policies and high taxation have put our state on the slope of steady decline and our business community is feeling its effects - they simply cannot take these hits anymore.

This move by Aetna, would be a major blow to the Connecticut economy and it comes right on the heals of General Electric relocating their headquarters from Fairfield to Boston.
The failed liberal policies of Governor Malloy and the effects of decades of one party rule in Hartford are stifling job creation and economic development in Connecticut.

The time has come for a fresh start for Connecticut. We need a fresh approach and a new perspective to how we do business in our state. We cannot let the career politicians continue to enact policies that hamper job creation and drive out our employers.

We need to create a business environment for Connecticut that encourages growth and innovation. An environment with low taxes, fair regulations and predictability - a fresh start for Connecticut.

I'm hoping that you will join with me and my LUMAJ EXPLORE team to create a #FreshStart4CT! Will you join with us and donate $100 (or what you can afford) today to help us in our exploratory effort? This is an enormous undertaking, but I'm confident that if strong, courageous, conservative leaders stand together - we will be able to save our state.

Best Regards,

Peter Lumaj
Exploratory Candidate 
Connecticut Statewide Office 2018

PO Box 6319
Wolcott, Connecticut 06716
Paid for by LUMAJ EXPLORE, Jeffrey Caggiano, Treasurer. Approved by Peter Lumaj.

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