Friday, March 24, 2017

Boughton - No New Jobs

We all know Connecticut is on the wrong path, but did you know it was this bad?

New numbers released by the Department of Labor show that Connecticut created zero new jobs in 2016. Our businesses are so overtaxed and overregulated they can’t even put people to work.

Our Democratic-led state government is to blame for this mess. By implementing the state income tax and spending our State’s money recklessly, they’ve driven us into a complete fiscal crisis.  We’ve seen the results – businesses like GE are fleeing the state for Boston. Only Dan Malloy and his merry band in Hartford could make tax-achusetts seem like a safe haven.

The oppressive business and tax climate across Connecticut has got to change, and fast. That’s why I’m exploring a run for statewide office in 2018.

For the past 15 years, I’ve had the honor of serving as the Mayor of Danbury. By putting people over politics, we’ve stabilized taxes, cut unnecessary red tape, sped up the permit process, and watched our businesses flourish. We’ve prioritized our education system, ensuring there are qualified individuals ready to enter our booming workforce.  In fact, Danbury was recently identified as the best city in Connecticut to start a business. We value the entrepreneurial spirit of Connecticut and recognize that government doesn’t create jobs, businesses do. I know firsthand that Danbury’s success can be the model for Connecticut’s future.

I’m ready to stop the run-away spending in Harford and to reduce the unnecessary burdens on our businesses so we can get our people back to work, but I need your help. In order to be successful in November 2018, I need you to stand with me and invest $100 in Connecticut’s future. There is a lot of work to be done, but together, we can put Connecticut back on track. 
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