Friday, March 24, 2017

Support Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Long-billed Dowitcher by Brian Sullivan
Long-billed Dowitcher by Brian Sullivan
Birds are uniquely sensitive to the conditions of specific habitats. When habitats suffer, bird populations can decline or disappear.
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology conducts critical research to identify and forecast where birds occur and where they need habitat most. Partners rely on our actionable science to make key conservation decisions.
I’m calling on you today to be part of the force that makes our science possible. Please become a Cornell Lab member to support scientific solutions for conserving birds and their habitats.
The Cornell Lab plays a pivotal role in the BirdReturns program providing temporary habitat for shorebirds migrating along the Pacific Flyway. We use data from citizen-science participants to
forecast where shorebirds would be most abundant in California’s Central Valley. Our partner, The Nature Conservancy in California, incentivizes rice farmers to flood their fields with inches of irrigation water at just the right time for migrating birds.
BirdReturns has provided more than 30,000 acres of “pop-up” habitat used by nearly 60 species of shorebirds and other waterbirds since spring 2014—during the worst drought in California history.
Thank you,
Bramble Klipple
Sr. Director of Development
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Cornell Lab of Ornithology   159 Sapsucker Woods Rd.    Ithaca,  NY   14850   

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