Saturday, February 25, 2017

'Progressives' Fantasizing about Civil War like Children Playing with Fire

Have those cavalierly proposing such scenarios as the appropriate response to
Donald Trump considered all the likely factors?
by David Codrea
"Chicago 'scholar' claims militias would be 'toast' if resisting military coup," I posted  last month. A "progressive journalist" was enamored of a "progressive academic," both presuming the military is as predominantly subversive as they are. It would not only help them depose President Trump, the delusion goes, but would do all their dirty work for them.
And as for the fate of us "bitter clingers" and "deplorables"? They did their best to convince their echo chamber we'd be made short and effortless work of.
This presupposes those who support and defend the Constitution are the enemy. And the whole fantasy seems painfully unaware of the myriad factors that would rise to the surface and compete for dominance once disincentives against them were weakened or removed.

"I stumbled across this 9 minute blog cast from 2016, I think it's dead-bang on," "Enemies" trilogy author and former SEAL team member Matt Bracken advised in an email linking to "Former Red Team Planner For The Federal Government Talks about Civil War Scenarios."
Bracken's brief endorsement means a lot in terms of credibility. Simply put, he's more qualified to offer such an assessment than many, certainly more so than the eggheads calling for toast.
While no one has a crystal ball, the video Matt shared offers as possible an array of potentialities as any, and is consistent with much of the speculation we've discussed over the years in terms of foreign enemy opportunism, infrastructure vulnerability, what fractured military and government departments/agencies are likely to be doing (especially when factoring in Oath Keepers and other loyal Americans who would not obey treasonous orders), and what roles an armed citizenry might play. Let's take a few moments and watch it [Warning: there is some occasional off-color/NSFW language peppered throughout]:

What do you think? Do you disagree with any of this? Is there anything you'd add?

How much thought have you put into such possibilities? And how much preparation?
More than coup-thirsty "progressives," who are all for a military dictatorship providing they are in no way inconvenienced and emerge after the smoke clears, take over the reins of power, and rule like the Philosopher Kings they presume themselves to be?

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