Friday, February 24, 2017

Governor Malloy Announces a Budget that is BAD for EVERYONE

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We're Moving!
Connecticut Republican headquarters is moving to Southington on February 21, 2017.

Governor Malloy Announces a Budget that is BAD for EVERYONE
Governor Dan Malloy has put forth a budget proposal with tax increases close to $200 million in 2018.  The new tax proposals could include: an elimination of the property tax credit (bad for Middle-Class families), the resurgent of the minimum bottle pricing (bad for small business), property tax increases to hospitals, teacher pension funding gaps, and many more absurd proposals.  The S&P warned that Malloy's plan to shift financial burdens onto municipalities could be devistating - leaving municipal officials no choice but to raise property taxes.  Meanwhile, the Connecticut State University Sytems warned they may be forced to declare exigency (bad for students).  All of this after the Governor pledged there would be "no new taxes."

Who Needs a Medical Examiner Anyways?
After years of warning, the Connecticut State Medical Examiner's Office lost its full accrediation.  This will leave all medical evidence collected in Connecticut open for dispute - placing a larger burden on the Judicial Branch.  The National Association of Medical Examiners found four major deficiencies and 15  smaller deficiencies that must be corrected by September -- or Connecticut will no longer have any accrediation from the national organization.  With cuts in funding and loss of accrediation a large burden is being placed back on municipalities -- another unfunded mandate stemming from the Malloy Administration.

Linda McMahon the Right Choice for SBA!
Former Republican Senate candidate and former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment Linda McMahon, was confirmed as the head of the Small Business Association in a 81-19 vote on Tuesday. President Trump’s cabinet appointees have dealt with constant obstruction from Democrat senators throughout the confirmation process making McMahon’s bipartisan affirmation a tremendous victory.  Senators praised her experience and unquestionable record as a champion for small businesses and women alike. McMahon is poised to bring prosperity to small business owners in the face of a system previously run by partisan bureaucrats during the Obama administration.
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