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Calling All Patriot Truckers! Oath Keepers Needs You to Be Our Eyes and Ears

  Calling All Patriot Truckers! Oath Keepers Needs You to Be Our Eyes and Ears on the Road

Stewart Rhodes,  
founder and president of Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers is now launching a Trucker Division, which we are calling the Oath Keepers Highway Recon Team (HRT). The purpose is to harness patriotic American truckers (and other professional drivers) as patriot eyes and ears on the nation's roadways.

This nation is facing dangerous times ahead, and we need the great patriots who drive our roads to help us collect and disseminate information and intelligence on what is happening, and help us coordinate effective response and aid to our fellow Americans in need. Recent events such as the flooding in Louisiana underscore the dire need for this program. It would have been great to be able to send some relief supplies by having a trucker with some extra room in his trailer pick them up along his route, and deliver them to LA.
Who can join? The Oath Keepers Trucker HRT membership is open to all current and former truck drivers, hot shot drivers, delivery drivers, bus and limo drivers and anyone else with a CDL, as well as full-time, or long distance RV'ers. Truckers are patriots, and many are former military, police, or other first responder veterans. If you are on the road, we want you on our team, even if you're not prior service.
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Truckers are on our roads everyday, and see everything that goes on, and whenever there is any critical incident or emergency in this nation, there will be truckers nearby. We will train truckers on how to gather information reliably, how to do a good S.A.L.U.T.E. report (Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, Equipment), how to take good pictures, and what to look for when out on the road, and in return, we will take good care of our truckers and their families.


Membership Benefits:
Access to OK Trucker HRT only communication and intel systems
When a trucker joins Oath Keepers, they will be connected to other Oath Keepers truckers, to our growing network of local and state Oath Keepers chapters, to our intelligence and communications teams, and to our leadership at each level. You will be given access to an Oath Keepers members-only (and password protected) Zello OK Trucker chat channel for the region of the U.S. you live in and those regions you travel through regularly. Zello is a smart phone app that functions like a walkie talkie and is available for Andriod and iOS.
Here is a map of the regions:

You will also be given access to a National OK Trucker Zello channel,  and a separate tip line you can call or text to provide info.
Through Zello, you'll be able to network with other Oath Keepers Truckers on the road, and share information on natural and man made disasters, civil unrest, and other unusual occurrences.
Once you join, you'll also have access to our our exclusive members only forum, where you'll be able to get further information and training on Zello. Only members will be given the password to get in to the Zello channels.
OK HRT Truckers will be given the option of receiving critical alerts by text message on their cell phone (to be used only for real emergency alerts for each region). Those who don't want text alerts can opt out.
SPECIAL TRAINING:  Trucker members will also be connected to our growing nationwide network of HAM radio communication experts and intelligence experts, to receive exclusive training in emergency communications and intelligence oriented information gathering. They will also be taught how to protect themselves and their rigs, and critical "preparedness" skills to weather any disaster out on the road, and emergency medical skills, as part of our Community Preparedness Team (CPT) Program.

Family Safe:  All our Trucker members and their families will be considered critical personnel and protected personnel. In exchange for you being willing to serve as patriot eyes and ears on the road, we will open our Family Safe program to you and your family, so that if you are stranded far from home during an emergency (natural or man-made) you will know that our local Oath Keepers chapters near your family will consider it a duty to make sure your family is safe (the same kind of protection we offer to local police, fire, EMT and other first responder families).

The reality is, no first responder is going to be able to go out and do their job unless their family is safe, and the same is true for our patriot truckers. We want you to be able to stay on the roads, doing your critical job as long as you can. Therefore, we will task our local Oath Keepers and Community Preparedness Teams (CPT) with considering your family to be high priority protected personnel. Once you join, you will need to connect with the nearest Oath Keepers chapter and CPT, and coordinate with them with the information they will need to communicate and coordinate with your family to protect them from any predatory criminals and give them aid and shelter during emergencies. 

Neighborhood flooding, Muskogee, Oklahoma, 2015
Trucker Safe:
If an OK Trucker HRT member is stuck in an emergency far from home, that trucker can contact a local Oath Keepers chapter and CPT for assistance and shelter for the trucker and for his or her rig, again, against either natural or man-made threats such as rioters, looters, and predatory criminals. You may recall what happened to trucker Reginald Denny during the 1992 LA "Rodney King" Riots, or the recent
 robbing of drivers, looting of their trucks, and burning of cargo on I-85 during the Charlotte, NC riots. 

Trucker Reginald Denny, Nearly Beaten to Death During LA Riots in 1992
Historically, Truckers Are Attacked During Riots, Looting, and "Failure of Civility" Civil Unrest

"Protestors" (aka rioters and looters) robbing truckers, looting, and burning cargo on I-85, on Sept. 21, 2016 

Once you join, we will need you to let us know your most common route, so we can put you in touch with local Oath Keepers chapters and CPTs along that route (we are developing a roster of active CPTs in each state, so you can contact those closest to you along your route, when you need help).
We are so concerned about where our nation is headed, that we are working night and day to develop a well connected network of Oath Keepers from the national level, to the regional (multi-state) level, to the state, county, and town level, all connected with both "grid up" and "grid down" methods of communication and coordination.
This is a critical component of the Oath Keepers mission. You can join the Trucker HRT without having prior military or law enforcement experience. Serve as patriot eyes and ears, working closely with our intelligence teams at the national, regional, and state level to gather vital intelligence information and reporting potential critical incidents.
Most importantly you will be a valued member of the Oath Keepers team when it comes to collecting critical information as you drive the highways and roads of our great country.
We will teach you how to collect the information that will be used to generate actionable intelligence.
Help make America strong again from the bottom up! Join the Oath Keepers Trucker Highway Recon Team (HRT) today!

This article is at the Oath Keepers national website.

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