Carter: Blumenthal Measuring the Drapes, Taking Voters for Granted
BETHEL, CT- Today, Dan Carter, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate made the following statement about reports that Senator Blumenthal is ready to move up the ranks before winning his next campaign:
"According to two reports from Connecticut media, Richard Blumenthal has his heart set on using the Connecticut voters to climb the ladder of Washington's political elite," said Carter. "Whether it's angling for Attorney General in a Clinton Administration or angling for a job in a Democrat majority, Dick Blumenthal is showing his political opportunism." 
"I guess Senator Blumenthal forgot there's an election in November and that much to his dismay, he's not entitled to the office he currently holds, he must campaign for it," said Carter. 
"This is exactly the kind of thing that's driving voters crazy about Washington," said Carter. "It also makes clear his reason for politicizing every single vote and jumping in front of every TV camera he sees, unless of course it's to debate." 
"As is typical of any career politician, Dick is too busy measuring the drapes of his next taxpayer funded job to have a fair and open dialogue with voters about his real record in the Senate," said Carter. 
"People are tired of Washington politicians putting themselves first," said Carter. "And that's all Blumenthal has ever done: from politicizing tragedies, raising money off the deaths of innocent victims and inserting himself in everything from Vietnam to Sandy Hook." 
"It's nice that Senator Blumenthal is at least consistent on one thing, stroking his own ego on the backs of Connecticut voters," said Carter. "Connecticut voters deserve better."