Sunday, August 21, 2016

One Milwaukee Man Speaks Truth About Riots

It takes courage and conviction to speak the truth the way this young man does.  In doing so, he puts himself at risk of retaliation from the thugs of BLM.  Truth speakers are often attacked verbally, and physically; demonized as being a traitor or an Uncle Tom.  Good for Quinlan Bishop; he has the potential to do great things!  Editor

Sometimes it only takes one. One person to inspire people to listen to a voice of reason.

That is what I encountered when I watched a video posted to Fox 6 Milwaukee’s Brad Hicks Facebook page. Just a note: Good for Hicks for getting this video out to the public.
Hicks interviewed a young man named Quinlan Bishop., who had been out in the midst of the aftermath of the Milwaukee riots filming live for his own personal Facebook page.

Of course, I already agreed with everything Bishop was saying, but it was refreshing to see it broadcast in the media. Often, people are surprised when they hear the truth actually come out after a tragedy like the Milwaukee riots. However, a lot of members of the black community feel the way Bishop does.

But Bishop’s thoughts just happened to slip through the cracks of a sometimes porous and biased media, and the media get something they never intended or looked for.
“I’ve been watching it unfold,” said Bishop. “Been here recording on my phone ever since then,
Read the rest of the story, here on MRC TV.

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