Thursday, August 18, 2016

Man Behind Chicago Corruption Bust Shaking Up CT’s Liberal Stronghold

Cadena Speaks at the Capitol

The Man Behind the Chicago Corruption Bust is Shaking 
Up Connecticut’s Liberal Stronghold

Political corruption in America is not unlike a ball of knotted yarn wrapped in rubber bands. You can see it, you can hold it and you can bounce it off the wall. But unless you inherently know what the composition is at the core it is impossible to determine who or what it is made up of until you unravel the string and sever the bands that bind it. 

One individual that has been quietly unraveling this ball for years is the current Congressional candidate for the 3rd District of Connecticut, Angel Cadena. Angel has always had an infatuation of sorts with politics and the way in which decisions made at all levels of government affects us both in the positive and negative. When the negative happened to someone who was familiar with Angel they would ask for his assistance on the best course of action and he would simply oblige with guidance and send them on their way. But about thirteen years ago he got involved personally in a political type matter in Chicago that revealed a knot so big and tangled that it has altered his life and sent him careening towards what he feels is his destiny.
Family called him Jimmy and his street name was Snake. He was a gang member, a low level drug dealer and a ladies’ man. He had the intellect of a young child and his environment on the South Side of Chicago developed him into a bit of a jerk. He was the son of the woman that Angel’s father was engaged to. So in essence he was like a younger brother to Angel. Jimmy, not being privy to the weight of Chicago politics, did a big no-no and did the worst thing anyone in his position could do… he got an Alderman’s daughter pregnant.

The injustice came swiftly. A random murder on the South-side was quickly tied to Jimmy and off he went on his adventure. Snatched out of his shack of an apartment, taken to an unknown location and deprived of his inhaler, sleep, food and water, Jimmy was given lots of care in the form of interrogation by phone book (as to not leave a mark) and a psychologically based intimidation not suited to his level of intelligence. Angel said, “if they would have charged him with the handful of things Jimmy was doing wrong there would have been no problems, but as most people in Chicago can attest to, the types of things Jimmy did wrong would not have put the much needed dent in his lifestyle, a message had to be sent.” So to make the suffocation and suffering end Jimmy did what he was told and signed a confession.

Angel being the disappointed but good stepbrother took up the cause in a letter writing campaign to the local media. He believed the media was truly impartial and would salivate at a juicy story involving politics, sex and corruption… boy was he wrong.

As time went, the waiting turned into an ever increasing deluge of harassing phone calls, mysterious parking tickets and the vigilant eye of marked and unmarked Chicago police cars parked conspicuously outside his suburban home. For a time, Angel just brushed it off and figured it would blow over but the phone calls became more numerous and intimidating. In the beginning they were just random hang-ups, then they turned to heavy breathing and finally subtle threats. Things finally came to a head when the calls turned from anonymous to there actually being a number on the caller ID.  When he called the number back, Angel was greeted by the strange sound of a data line.

Enough was enough and after some research on the internet Angel came across a new type of phone tracing service. He paid the money and everything immediately began to make sense. The number belonged to the HDO (Hispanic Democratic Organization).

The FBI agent was quite impressed with the number tracing ability of the internet tracing device  stating, “we don’t even have the capability to do that, yet.” He assured Angel that they would take it from there and not to worry about a thing. He seemed uninterested in the plight of Jimmy and said he was already in the Judicial process and there was nothing he could or would do for him. He thanked Angel and told him to keep an eye on the news for any developments. While serving in the Marine Corps in 2008 he heard the news that he was waiting for; the HDO was no more.

Angel Cadena is a Political Scientist, Marine Corps Veteran and the current Republican Candidate for the 3rd Congressional District of Connecticut where he is taking on a longtime entrenched incumbent who has had a controversial episode with the current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel. Jimmy is still serving out a 25-year sentence for murder.

“Corruption in politics makes the world seem like an awfully small place.” – Angel Cadena.

Visit angel's campaign web site, here. - Editor

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