Friday, August 26, 2016

CALL TO ACTION: Volunteers Needed to Help Flood Victims in Louisiana

CALL TO ACTION:  Volunteers Needed to Help Flood Victims in LouisianaCALL TO ACTION:  Volunteers Needed to Help Flood Victims in Louisiana

Stewart Rhodes

Oath keepers,
Volunteers are greatly needed to help the flood victims in Louisiana.  If you are in driving range and willing to help, please pitch in.  The Louisiana  Oath Keepers are working with the local churches to assist with disaster relief.  We also have a call for volunteers from the "Cajun Army" (We have all heard of the "Cajun Navy," who have been out rescuing people using their personally owned boats, but somebody has to do the ground work too, hence the "Cajun Army"). 
The Cajun Army is asking for volunteers to help with demo/repair on the homes that have been damaged, logistics, i.e. meals, clean water, blankets, etc., and preparing lunches and helping with the victims.  Please help them help their neighbors.  See below for contact info. 
Our Baton Rouge chapter has also been very active assisting with rescue and relief operations since the beginning of the flood, and are continuing to provide assistance in all listed above, working with their local churches.  If you would like to help our Baton Rouge team, please contact them directly at contact given below.   This is the same chapter that stepped up after the attack in the police there and offered to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Baton Rouge officers against any other cop killers who may attack.  They are a stand-up bunch of patriots. 
The people of Louisiana have shown what it means to love thy neighbor, and what it means to step up.  As our Louisiana State Coordinator, Duncan Simmons, says "that's just what we do down here.  We help each other."  Let's help them get it done.  You need to bring your own clothing, equipment, tools, and food, if at all possible.

But even if you don't have all the "right" gear, or even if you think you don't have as many skills as you should, show up and pitch in.  You will be put to work doing something. Just bring whatever outdoor clothing you have that makes sense in such flooded areas.  If you have any questions, please contact our Louisiana leaders, or post your questions in the comments and we will do our best to answer them. 
Baton Rouge Oath Keepers:   Chapter leader is Paul Richey (leader over a five parish area).   He can be reached by phone at:1.254.630.7548.   Or by email at:
Louisiana Oath Keepers state POC/Coordinator Duncan Simmons can be reached at or 318.914.2224.
Please understand that Paul Richey may be out in the field on a relief mission, so if you can't reach him, call Duncan.  Also feel free to email them both at the same time.
CAJUN ARMY:  The contact info for the Cajun Army is:  Cajun Army - Disaster Relief - Louisiana

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