Wednesday, June 15, 2016

State Election Enforcement Commission Colludes with Democrats to Shelter Malloy

No Admission of Guilt? 
Settlement to End CT Dems Illegal
Campaign Spending Probe

HARTFORD – This afternoon, Connecticut Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano released the following statement on news that a settlement is imminent between the State Election Enforcement Commission and the Connecticut Democratic Party:

"The Connecticut Democratic Party has effectively gotten away with illegal campaign spending on behalf of Governor Dan Malloy, and made a mockery of clean campaign laws.  They allowed backdoor donations from state contractors to flow into the Malloy re-election campaign, in direct violation of these laws.

"By allowing the Connecticut Democrats to get away with these violations, the SEEC has missed the chance to set a precedent declaring that illegal campaign spending will not be tolerated in our state. This settlement weakens and waters down enforcement of clean campaign laws, by pretending that the Democrats did nothing wrong.  It is outrageous and flippant disregard for fair elections.

"The Democratic Party clearly violated the letter and spirit of the law to win an election.  Instead of fulfilling their role as watch dog, the State Election Enforcement Commission has instead chosen the role of lap dog to the Democratic Party.  Together, these two entities have collaborated to spare Governor Malloy, a top campaign surrogate for Hillary Clinton, from embarrassing headlines.  They have also spared the Connecticut Democratic Party a well deserved crushing fine for their willful disregard for the law.

"Without enforcement, what is to stop the Democrats or Dan Malloy from breaking the law again? This is very sad news for proponents of clean, fair elections.  Voters of Connecticut should be outraged."

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