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Senate Candidate Dan Carter: Is 'terrorist falling through the cracks' the exception or the norm?

June 17, 2016                                                                      Contact:

Carter: “Is ‘terrorist falling through the cracks’ the exception or the norm?"


BETHEL, CT – Today, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Carter commented on developments in the investigation into last week's terrorist attack in Orlando: 

"As I learn more about the days and weeks leading up to the attack in Orlando last weekend, I'm left deeply troubled by what appears to be our  government’s failure to protect innocent Americans," said Carter.

"According to reports, when the attacker attempted to purchase heavy duty body armor and gun ammunition in bulk, the store owner reported him to the FBI," Carter said. "We need to understand why they didn't act." 

"Since September 11, 2001, law enforcement, intelligence and military officials and politicians have asked Americans to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities," Carter added. "As it relates to this attack, on at least three occasions Americans did their part and it would appear that government failed them." 

"This is not about finger pointing and assigning blame," Carter said. "But we need to get to the bottom of this and fix it as soon as humanly possible, to restore Americans faith in the system in hopes they will continue to assist law enforcement and the intelligence community in keeping our communities safe." 

"In all his public statements following the attack, Senator Blumenthal has failed to address these questions, calm these concerns or address the ongoing threat of radical Islamist terrorism on American soil," Carter said. "We deserve more from our 'Senior Senator'." 

"Unfortunately, most Americans don't believe they can rely on government for much anymore. Americans no longer believe government works for them, let alone will protect them from more terrorist attacks” Carter said. "My biggest concern is that a terrorist falling through the cracks is not the exception, it's the norm." 

"We need answers to some very tough questions to empower law enforcement to act accordingly when responsible Americans do their part to protect their community by reporting suspicious activity," Carter concluded. "Otherwise we are jeopardizing a system that has helped keep our communities safe and putting more Americans in grave danger." 

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