Tuesday, June 28, 2016

John Pistone on Second Amendment Rights

John Pistone, independent 5th districtcandidate for Congress
After every tragedy or shooting politicians and gun control activist continue to exploit these tragedies as a means to accomplish their gun control agenda. Research shows gun control does not protect us, as many ill informed politicians believe, and threatens our constitutional Second Amendment rights.

The reality is gun control laws will never prevent or reduce mass shooting,or deter terrorist. Criminals or terrorist don't obey laws, period. A disturbed individual with a deranged mind who decides to kill or inflict harm will always find a way to get a weapon to carry out their warped agenda.

We need to adequately enforce our laws and hold people accountable for their actions. Instead of blaming the weapon we need to blame the person who is pulling the trigger. If elected, I plan on working with the NRA, the gun rights of America and other organizations that stand up for our Second Amendment rights. I believe by working together we can accomplish a plan that moves in the direction of progress instead of politics. www.pistoneforcongress.net  www.pistoneforcongress.org

Agreed.  Editor 

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