Monday, May 09, 2016

Illegal Alien Wants American Tax Payers and Students to Pay for Her Education

Image from CommonConstitutionalist
Today's Middletown Press featured and article, "College-bound undocumented New Haven student advocates for state financial aid bill, herself", wherein Yenimar Cortes, a senior at Hill Regional Career High School, advocates for S.B. 14 which would provide tuition assistance for her and other "undocumented immigrants".  She says that she is "proud to be undocumented".

In the first place, let's dispense with the PC euphemism, "undocumented". "Undocumented" people are aliens who are in the country illegally; in other words, they are illegal aliens.

While not entirely unsympathetic to the plight of people who's parents illegally smuggled them into the country as toddlers, it does not change the fact that they are themselves illegal aliens.

To favor illegal aliens over native born American citizens or those who immigrated to America via the legal process is an abomination! The federal government, along with the leaders of sanctuary cities, such as New Haven, Bridgeport, etc. are responsible for creating the environment that attracts illegal aliens by their refusal to enforce the law. Such refusal is a violation of their oaths of office.

These children should sue their parents for removing them from their native lands, denying them the opportunity to take advantage of their own country's benefits and forcing them "into the shadows" of a land they have no right to be in, in the first place.

They are drawing resources and taking jobs away from those who's natural birth right entitles them to such opportunities.

(I married an immigrant and my children are bi-ethnic, so don't give my any racist, xenophobic crap.)


  1. Good for her. She came here through no choice of her own and is trying to contribute to society by being successful.
    That's great. If only more Americans had that drive.
    I'm sure she will give back more than she takes once she's out of college with income, property, car, sales, recreation and utility taxes among others.
    You're not looking at the bigger picture.
    If she's lived in this country all of these years, she isn't going anywhere now.
    So what do we do with her? Deport her to a place she doesn't know that is riddled with violence and poverty or allow her to contribute and advance our society?
    I imagine you'll choose the former based on the tone of this "article". And you conservatives call yourselves "Christian"

  2. "The children suffer for the sins of their fathers"; meaning, that the parents are responsible for the harm their actions bring upon their children. If there is no consequence to breaking the law, then there is no deterrent.

    Thanks for your comment, BR.


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