Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CCDL Turns Seven Years Old!

CCDL Inaugural Dinner, 2009

Happy Birthday CCDL!

Today CCDL turns 7 years old.

On the evening of February 16th, 2009 a group of people who only knew each other through posts on an internet forum got together for dinner at a restaurant in Newington, called “Hops”. At that dinner the Connecticut Citizens Defense League was born.
The restaurant went out of business shortly after, but CCDL continued on, and has grown to almost 22,000 members today. This year, when we celebrate our 7yr anniversary, instead of 2 tables in a local restaurant, we hope to fill 30 tables at the Aquaturf Club, and everyone is invited!

CCDL President Scott Wilson, myself, and the entire Executive Board wish to thank our members for all of their support, effort and contributions over the last seven years. It’s been a wild roller coaster ride, with lots of ups and downs. Through it all, you the members have kept us going.

Thank you all so very much.

Carry On!

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