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Complaints to Animal Control Leave Neighbor Barking Up Wrong Tree

This post first appeared on January 3.  On January 24, it was reverted to a draft and rescheduled to post at 9:30 on the morning of the 25th.

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Original Post Begins Here:

This all started last June.

There is a house to the north of mine and one to the south.  The house to the north has a little yippy dog and for some reason, it started barking every time the owners left the house, until they returned sometimes more than an hour later.  Even though the dog was in the house with the windows shut, it could be clearly heard throughout the area.  Animal Control Officer Gail Petras was there to hear it herself on at least one occasion.  Officer Petras was able to work with these owners and the barking soon stopped, completely.

(As I learned from Officer Petras, they are over worked and under staffed at Animal Control.  Officer Petras is the only full time ACO and she has only one, part time helper.  No one has ever answered the phone there when I've called.)

The home to the south has several large dogs that were moved out of the house and into a kennel, located at the rear of the approx. two acre property, easily more that 100 yards from mine.  By my best guess, this move outside occurred in June; this is when the problem barking began.  Abandoned far from the home in which they once lived, the dogs occupy their time and express their loneliness by barking.  (Hey, I'd bark, too.)

(This video is just one small snapshot of the on-going
situation.  No one is going to watch the whole thing;
the first few minutes will give you the picture.)

The barking, from both houses, wasn't intermittent or brief, (which would have been tolerable), it was prolonged, loud and on a near daily basis; it was intolerable; and a nuisance.  I started calling Animal Control.  On more than one occasion, I placed the call on speaker phone where the barking was picked up and recorded, in her voice mail.

In September, Officer Petras asked me to keep a log.  I began the log on Sept. 12 and sent the first report to her on Sept. 29th.  She replied; "I received your log.  I am going to check in with them for a follow up visit. I will keep you posted.  Gail".  For months I have faithfully and patiently kept that log, periodically submitting it.  But, that was the last time I heard from her.

Since September, she has received no less than seven log reports documenting fifty or so days of barking, and some 61 calls from June 22 to December 16th.  A number of these calls were made with the use of speaker phone; the barking being so loud, it could be picked up and clearly heard over the phone from one hundred yards away!

The barking from the house to the south was then, and remains yet today, a nuisance problem.  It has involved dog fights, barking at 3:00 AM and barking at 4:13 AM thru 4:45 AM on the morning of Dec. 26!

In early December, not having heard a single word from Officer Gail Petras since September, and with the barking continuing, I had had enough and asked Councilman "Bob" to see what he could do.  Councilman "Bob" contacted Officer Petras and relayed to me on December 9th that Petras emphasized the importance of keeping a record, which I have been doing all along, and that Gail "was working on the situation".  (Seriously!)

On December 9th, another log was sent to Petras, dating from the fourth, which included an entry from the 8th, in which the dogs barked for an hour and forty five minutes!  This log was cc'd to Councilman "Bob".  In it, I indicated that I had had enough and if this was not stopped promptly, my complaints would make their way to the chief of police and elsewhere.  (How much more tolerant and patient is one expected to be?)

About noon time on Dec. 14th, I observed Officer Petras speaking to one of the occupants of the house to the south and though; "Finally, this is going to end".

Two days later, on Wednesday the 16th of December, sadly, the dogs were again barking uncontrollably.  On that day, at 12:02 PM I again called Animal Control.  The dogs were again barking uncontrollably; with the phone on speaker mode I left a message to the effect that; evidently, her visit on Monday didn't do any good, saying that, "you can here that barking, can't you?"  My frustration must have shown through.

Later that afternoon, around 4:15, Sgt. Mazzotta paid me a visit.  He wanted to talk to me about the message that I left for Petras, earlier that day.

In no particular order:

A)  He said that Animal Control was under staffed and blamed the Common Council for not appropriating the funds to hire more AC officers.  I knew they were understaffed, which was why I was so patient for the last six months.

B)  Mazzotta also said dog bite calls take priority over barking noise complaints.  Yeah, OK, I get that, but for six months there were so many dog bites that this matter couldn't be resolved?  The way he spoke, you would think that Middletown is overrun with packs of roaming dogs attacking people!  (I searched for “dog bite” in the Middletown Press found and not one report in the last year.)

 C)  When I pointed out that this had gone on for so long and remained unresolved that I felt it necessary to contact Councilman "Bob".  He replied, "Oh, so you and "Bob" are "good friends"? Well, I'm friends with “Bob”, too", he said.  Twice he used the term "good friends" in reference to my relationship with the councilman.  It seemed odd that he would use the term "good friends" in "that" tone of voice.  I replied simply that we were friends and went on to mention that "Bob" had contacted Petras about the matter.  The Sergeant replied in effect, "Yeah, he sent an email", as if that somehow didn't qualify as "contact".

D)   He went on to say that Petras had sat in front of the house in question on numerous occasions and not heard any barking.  If that is so, why did I not hear it from Petras; why am I hearing it from him?  I thought Petras was too busy with the packs of wild dogs running around and biting people, to deal with a noise complaint.  Evidently, she has time to sit in front of someone's house, but no time to contact me.

E)  Mazzotta also said that Petras had spoken to the owners of the dogs and had seen the dogs wearing barking control collars.  If they are bark control collars, they are not working.  And, if that is the case, why am I hearing it after months of complaining, and from Mazzotta and not Petras?  Questions: did she see the collars up close and personal so as to be certain they actually were bark control collars; did she examine the collars to see that they had batteries and that they were actually turned on?  Or did she observe them from a distance and just take the owner's word for what they were?

F)  Mazzotta went on to ask why it was that I was the only one complaining.  How the hell should I know that?  (Given how I was treated for complaining, it's no wonder no one else does.) How do I know that that is even true?  He then implied that my complaints "might" be because of a dispute between neighbors and that I “might” be making it up to get them in trouble.  Really?  I have much better things to do with my time than make up phony complaints and carry it on for over six months.  Does he have any idea how much of my time has gone into faithfully keeping a log and making reports by phone or how much of a nuisance the constant and prolonged barking is?  Really?

As far as I know, I’m the only one to complain about the dog barking at the house to the north and Officer Petras managed to put an end to that.  I’m also the only one to complain about All-Waste picking up the dumpster in front of a house further to the north, at 2 AM.  That also stopped after I complained.  I’m also the only one to complain about loud music coming from that same house, and that ended; also after I complained.  Honestly, I can’t help but wonder myself, why am I’m the only one to complain about these things which effect quality of life.  (There are three kinds of people in the world; sheep, wolves and sheepdogs; maybe that explains it.)

G)  Sgt. Mazzotta told me there was no difference between a barking dog complaint and a loud music complaint; that someone would have to come out and measure the decibel level in order to have a valid, actionable complaint.  Really?

Why have I not heard that from Officer Petras?  Maybe because it is not true?  There is nothing in Chapter 206 of the City Ordinances to that effect. .  In fact, § 206-4 Nuisances,  states: "Nothing in any portion of this article shall in any manner be construed as authorizing or legalizing the creation or maintenance of a nuisance, and compliance of a source with this article is not a bar to a claim of nuisance by any person."  This constant barking, month after month after month seems to clearly constitute a "nuisance".

H)  Twice, the sergeant told me that "he" would not tolerate any more of my phone calls to Animal Control; that they were "unprofessional".  Twice.  He did not say that my complaints were in violation of any statute or ordinance, only that "he" would not tolerate it.  He didn't define what he meant by that.  Given that he said it twice and the tone of it, I have to wonder if his visit was something other than professional, itself.

When I mentioned that it was "unprofessional" to have complained for months about an ongoing nuisance and to never have had a response from Officer Petras, he again mentioned that my barking complaints were a low priority and that she didn't have time to address them.  I refer back to D); Officer Petras has time to sit in front of someone's house but no time to give me a call.

He also said that the barking heard in the background of the message left for Petras could have come from the TV or off the internet!  "I'm not saying that is what you did . . .", but the inference was there.   Evidently, he heard the last voice mail I left, but not the dozens of others, many of which were also left via speaker phone, with dogs barking in the background.

I)  Lastly, Sgt. Mazzotta asked to see the log I kept of all the barking.  I offered to show it to him, and mentioned that it was on my computer and that I had kept the emails I had sent to Petras.  At this he scoffed, saying that "emails are not a log; a log is when you write something down on paper ".  Really?

He then asked me to write it down on paper and deliver it to him at the police station.  He gave he a piece of paper with instructions on it; "Date time bark began time bark ended". (sic)  At this time, I saw no point in telling him that that information is exactly what was in the emailed logs that I sent to Petras over the last three (now going on four) months.

Something about this whole visit from Mazzotta just didn't set well with me.  The more I thought about it, the more "off" it seemed.  Could this have been an attempt to intimidate me into shutting up?  If so, it failed.  I decided that I would follow through and Sgt. Mazzotta would get his log, but it would be on my terms, not his.

Mazzotta will get his log, but it is going to go through Chief McKenna, first.  It will contain details not included, here.  No doubt, I will hear more about it.  I realize too, that it is possible that I have made myself a target for retaliation, but I'm willing to risk the chance.  We will see.   Happy New Year.


In retaliation for complaining about the dogs barking at 603 E. Main St., and for this post, (which had nothing to do with her), my neighbor, Bernice Rosa, filed an ex parte Civil Protection Order against me on January 13th., the day after my 58th birthday; perhaps my last.  Docket # CV 16-4020267.  (You can see a copy of the complaint at the end of this article.)

There is no question in my mind that she did this in a conspiracy with; or at the urging of, her husband, Marcus Keilch, owner of Marcus Anthony Construction.

The hearing was today, and the judge threw it out on it's ear.
While I provided document after document to support my case, Ms. Rosa failed to provide any evidence to support the allegations made in her statement given for the ex parte order, while admitting that I had never threatened her.  And, I was able to show that she committed perjury in her complaint.  Her husband, Marcus Keilch, sat silent in the court room and offered no testimony on behalf of his wife.  He let her hang out to dry and take the full brunt of any legal repercussions, whilst protecting himself.

She did, however, call to the stand Animal Control Officer Gail Petras.  Under oath and in uniform, during cross examination Petras stated that she failed to respond to my complaints, from September 29, 2015 until January 4, 2016 because she was "busy".  And then, she respond only after I complained to the Chief of Police about it and Sgt. Mazzotta's attempt to intimidate me into shutting up.

I have to wonder why it is that she agreed to testify in a matter involving a dispute between two neighbors.  I didn't think to ask her while she was on the stand, but I'm curious to know if she was subpoenaed, or not.  If so, then she was compelled to appear and probably acted in accordance with her official duties.

(Officer Petras was subpoenaed, after all)

If she was not subpoenaed; if she volunteered to testify in a matter that involved fallacious claims of "stalking" Rosa and her family, spying on her in the middle of the night, and trespassing and hiding in the bushes to film her and her children; matters not of concern to Animal Control, I have to wonder if her presence was not outside the scope of her duties?

If Petras' presence and testimony in court today were outside the scope of her duties; a) why was she in uniform, b) did she get paid by the city for her time in court, or c) did she take personal time off from work in order to testify?

Another question that comes to mind is; if over a period of more than three months she was too busy to respond to my complaints, how is it she had time to spend time in court today, absent a subpoena?

In the course of this writers' investigation, it's been discovered that Rosa and Keilch have a long history of  destroying people's lives, seemingly with impunity.  (This isn't called The Middletown "Insider" for nothing)  The two of them are not much, if any, better than Bonnie and Clyde.  She has bragged to me that she could get anyone she wanted arrested; he has bragged that for $10,000, he could get someone killed via the illegal aliens he hires.

I stated the same in a written statement given to Officer Drapala in April of 2015 in reference to case # 14-28554 in which Rosa and Keilch had a business associate arrested under what I believe to be false pretenses for stealing a scooter and embezzling funds from them.  Because of that statement, Officer Drapala was able to recover property belonging to the accused' wife, which were wrongful in their possession.

I also discovered, (I have a PI friend and sources "inside" law enforcement), the existence of numerous police reports in both Westbrook and Old Saybrook, going back years, concerning the harassment of a young couple, by Keilch and Rosa.

Because I am not an involved party, and because of the deeply personal nature of the reports, my request for copies has been denied, but their existence confirmed.  I've yet to decide whether or not to pursue a Freedom of Information Act request.

On December 20, 2014 I sent a letter, certified return receipt, to Captain Wallace, head of the investigative division of the Middletown Police Department, expressing a concern for my own safety at the hand of Marcus Keilch, up to and including having me killed.  At about the same time, a letter was sent to the State's Attorney, regarding case # 14-28554.

They seem to do this for sport and with impunity, but no more; this reign of terror must end.  They mistook my love and affection for weakness.  They were wrong.  If I die exposing the truth and bringing about justice for others, then I will have died well.


  1. Councilman Bob Santangelo? Just curious. File a complaint about the officer, its the only way to get results in Middletown for a lazy cop who doesn't want to bother with paper work. Sad. Small incidents should not have to escalate & the way to keep the peace is to police. Another fine example of its all about who you know in Piddletown.

    1. No, just a generic "Bob". And you are right, it's the small quality of life things that often escalate out of hand when they are disregarded by those charged with keeping the peace.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. It sounds like you complain about everything! Let the police do their job, they don't have time for small noise complaints, it sounds like they are sick of you complaining about the small stuff every other day and having to come to your neighborhood for nothing. Stop disrupting people's lives with petty complaints into the police department, seriously, you must have something better to do! I mean really going to a councilman is a little extreme for something so small.

    1. It seems that if the police did their job, there would be nothing to complain about. It sounds lke its the writer's life that is being disrupted I mean really this has ben going on for months

    2. Anonymous at 7:11 needs a reading comprehension course if she/he thinks this is a small matter. The sergeants action alone is an abuse of office and the aco is derelict in his duty to uphold the laws.

    3. This person clearly states that he has complained about every other little noise in his neighborhood. I would understand if it was just a dog constantly barking. Stop making the police look bad, their job is to protect and serve not come to your house every 5 minutes because you heard a noise. I don't believe what he is saying about the officer either! I hope he never needs them in a real emergency situation.

    4. why would someone lie about something like that?I have seen the letter that is being sent to the Chief of Police. It contains a lot of things that will not be published here. It also includes a detailed log of the incidences of barking dating back to early September as the author states in his comments.

    5. Anonymous at Jan 4 7:34 am: I did not state that I complained about "every other little noise". I complained about specific instances.

      As far as the commercial dumpster goes, it is positioned such that it is necessary for the garbage truck to back up a side street so it can be picked up; it is the front loading type. When a garbage truck backs up, the back up alarm sounds; once on the approach and once to leave the area. Imagine that at 2 AM compounded by the noise of the hydraulics and mechanical and the dumpster being dumped!

      That complaint went to All-Waste, not the police. To their credit, it has not happened, since.

      As far as the loud music; why should neighbors have to be subjected to loud music, especially when it is crappy music, not to their taste? Evidently, you haven't had to live it, so until you do, STFU!

      I refuse to let my neighborhood turn into a third world barrio, even if no one else has the balls to complain!

    6. Isn't it the duty of the Animal Control Officer to control problems with animals?

  3. Mazzotta's an arrogant ass... Take it to the Mayor too! And complain about his behavior. WTF?... NO ONE should have to live a life with a neighbor making our life hell. We as citizens are entitled to peace and quiet. Why haven't the dog owners been given tickets? Good for you!

    1. LOL! I doubt if he, I suppose it's a he, will have to go to the mayor, this will find its way to Danno on its own!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Marcus Keilch has left a new comment on your post "Complaints to Animal Control Leave Neighbor Barkin...":

      Shannon, I am curious, will you delete my comments, they are my dogs. Yes people, I am the bad neighbor.
      I have spent a few hours with Gail, at my house, heard dogs barking. They were not my dogs. SHannon, all of your neighbors have dogs, they all bark. You do not complain about them, or maybe you do, and say its my dogs.
      Shannon, the dogs aren't the issue, you and I both know it. You wanted to adopt my wife as your daughter after you abandoned your own family, and she said "no." We also had a dispute over an invoice for some cabinets that you installed for me, you wanted to charge for extras that we didn't agree to.
      Shannon, please, go find some work for yourself. You are a grump. None of the neighbors like you, you are not neighborly. If there is an issue come knock on my door or call me.

      Posted by Marcus Keilch to The Middletown Insider at January 6, 2016 at 10:45 AM

  5. Bill We all know that the "anonymous" comments are from you, the author of this cry baby post.
    Nice trying to look like more people support you than really do!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I don't see anything in this post that identifies either the writer or the persons being written about; there isn't even a reference to the street where this allegedly goes on.

    Why would Marcus and Bernice think that this has anything to do with them and how is it that their attention was drawn to this post, in the first place?

    Whoever the writer is, he must be pretty powerful to get the city to come to the door over trash cans!

    1. Well I'm sure Marcus and Bernice can tell where it is and where Shannon is video taping from, given the video is pointed at their house, which you can see in the beginning of the video. And also, the angle of the camera directly suggests where the video was shot from.

    2. OK, Marcus and Bernice live in the house directly across the street where the yellow car is parked. But what drew their attention to the post in the first place?

      And why would they bring attention to themselves when no one else in the world could possibly be able to identify them through such a narrow window?

      And frankly, if you watch the video you can see at least two dogs running around chasing a motorcycle or something, and hear them barking. You can also see people walking around. (or is that building seen through the trees their house?) And the barking IS clearly louder than the motor bike.

      Ya gotta admit; that does lend credence to the writer's claim.

    3. That is incorrect, Steven (if it was actually he who left that comment); they do not live in the house directly across; their house is to the south, not the west and you cannot see it in this video, which posits the questions;

      "Why would they bring attention to themselves when this article has nothing to do with them nor does it name them or even where the neighborhood is?";

      "Why would they engage is such a vicious attack unless they have a personal vendetta against the writer?"

      And, as the Insider asks, above; "what (or who) was it that drew their attention to the post, in the first place?"

      And lastly, "How can they be so certain of the complainant's identity, when the complainant specifically asked the ACO not to reveal it out of concern for retaliation?"

    4. Unless someone was intimately familiar with the area, it would be virtually impossible to identify where this took place.

  8. Why are these Rosa keilch people chiming in anyway? The post is about an uneffective animal control agent and a sargent trying to intimidate someone to stop complaining, not about them. If I can read between the lines, I'm guessing the sargent and the aco got something going on outside of work and Keilch Rosa got nailed with a ticket! winky winky!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Bernice Rosa has left a new comment on your post "Complaints to Animal Control Leave Neighbor Barkin...":

      Bill/ Shannon, in what world do you think that people are not allowed to play with their dogs on their own property? The dogs are chasing the motorbike because it is a game they play with Marcus on the weekends. The motor bike is on our own property and is quieter than a damn lawnmower.
      Let's take a step back here. The dog in question is a foster dog who was taken from deplorable conditions. What we do here is rescue the most unwanted and unlikely to be adopted dogs and rehabilitate them, then adopt them out to loving homes. We do this independently and out of our own pocket. The costs of total vetting and training we absorb and when the dog is adopted, we do a complete reference, vet and home check. The dogs live in our home, and in the basement where we have made kennels. Our pack includes a 3 legged and a blind dog. The rear of our property (2 acres) has a small building where we once housed chickens and a chain link kennel wrapped around it. That is where this dog stays during the day as he does not get along with our other males, we take him our for exercise 2x a day and he sleeps in a kennel in the basement at night. The dog does bark when Marcus is riding the bike with other dogs because he gets excited in anticipation for his turn to chase. We have bought him a bark collar for everyday use. During play time he is allowed to bark and run and wrestle. This is our right as a tax paying citizen of this city. We will not be quite every moment of every day to appease ONE crying neighbor who doesn't have any work to do so he obsesses about us. You will NEVER get peace and quite 24/7 on a main road in a city. If it is quiet you desire, you can find it in a secluded home, not on Main St.
      We all know that if it is not the dogs, it will be the garbage cans, or the metal roofing slabs we had outside that you called the town about and said that we were putting up siding without a permit. We have not sided this house nor will we. It is a historical. You don't put aluminum siding on a historical!
      Shannon/Bill if you have an issue you can just email either of us. You have not once done so. Instead you try to intimidate us using the town. It isn't working.
      And for the record, winky winky, we did NOT get a ticket today.

    4. Bernice Rosa has left a new comment on your post "Complaints to Animal Control Leave Neighbor Barkin...":

      Because it's a free God damn country and the video is of MY house Bill. We didn't get a ticket so keep your perverted winky in your pants.

  9. Seems to me the writer of this post needs to get a life. He does not see that he is the only one who cares and when you live among other people you don't always get your way. As the officer said if this was such a big problem why is no one else making complaints. Sounds to me like the officer is right you do have a vendetta with this. Family. Again you should get a life.

    1. Where does it say anything here about the office claiming the writer has a vendetta?

  10. "There are three kinds of people..." said the naïve Sheep.

    Sounds like the ACO and Local PD have all done their jobs, and that the OP is dissatisfied that the local authorities did not come to the same conclusion as they did. Similar to the dissatisfaction with other neighbors. And the dissatisfaction with the trash. And the dissatisfaction with... Well... Seemingly most things.

    I'm reminded of a tale known as The Boy Who Cried Wolf...

  11. Flash to ALL dog owners....keep your dogs quiet and under control...that is YOUR responsibility as a dog owner. The above entries from 2 neighbors are irresponsible and of no value or consequence to the issue of the annoyance of barking dogs.
    If they are your dogs, find a way to keep them quiet, or relinquish ownership of them...Your other personal issues with the neighbors complaint have no bearing on BARKING Please stop airing your dirty laundry's embarrassing to readers and does not help with the problem....BARKING DOGS....

    1. You mean don't call someone out for being petty. I think anonymous comments shouldn't be allowed, and that the article writer should proofread.

    2. I noticed that you posted your comment anonymously. Please feel free to submit suggestions for edit.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Posted by Mikayla to The Middletown Insider at January 7, 2016 at 3:41 PM


      Jan 7

      Mikayla has left a new comment on your post "Complaints to Animal Control Leave Neighbor Barkin...":

      You sound A) extremely petty and B) like you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time then try to make people miserable. You're openly admitting you're the ONLY one complaing about literally every noise in your neighborhood. You sound like a neighbor from hell. Maybe you'd be happier in an adult living community instead of the real world where people enjoy their lives. Just a thought though.

  13. Regarding anonymous posts mentioned by another editor:

    Anonymous posts allow people the liberty to openly speak their minds on matters of controversy, without fear of retaliation from others, including employers who might not share their beliefs, and people of power and influence who might seek retribution against those who have the nerve to speak out against the actions or policies of the powerful or dare to express a differing opinion.

    Unfortunately, it also opens the door to trolls and to hateful people to make vicious and personal attacks.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Bernice Rosa has left a new comment on your post "Complaints to Animal Control Leave Neighbor Barkin...":

      The Middletown Insider= One angry old conservative's platform to bully, intimidate and judge people whilst denying them the right to defend themselves. Where's my comments, Bill/ Shannon/ William? How long do you think you're going to get away with this?

  15. Geez, after reading the post and seeing some of he comments, it is apparent why no one else complains. Who want to be subjected to the kind of abuse this poor sod had to endure!

  16. Bernice's reply must have accidently been deleted. As a courtesy to her, it is re-posted, here:

    Bernice Rosa
    Jan 6

    Bernice Rosa has left a new comment on your post "Complaints to Animal Control Leave Neighbor Barkin...":

    Is he "standing up for himself" when he sends the town to my door because the garbage cans aren't taken in the same night that All-Waste takes the trash? This guy is petty at best and is a lonely old man who's own family wont' speak to him. He has targeted my family because I wouldn't let him adopt me as his daughter. Think I'm lying? I have the legal paperwork he showed up to my house with, tears in his old man puppy eyes. When he saw that our friendship was nothing more, he began this crazy mission to get the town to harass us.

    Posted by Bernice Rosa to The Middletown Insider at January 6, 2016 at 10:54 AM

  17. I know that Bernice removed her post because she is stressed out over the ENTIRE situation. The harassment that the author/editor/peanut gallery/you have inflicted on this family is unfounded and unnecessary. Your behavior is unquestionably more damaging to her's and her families health, as well as to the Republican Party, the Police, Councilman "Bob", other area residents, than any dogs barking ever would.
    You have now gone over the top in your attempts to shame and intimidate Bernice. She was trying to decrease the level of confrontation with you. It is quite obvious, by re-posting her comment that you, and every reader, can see that she purposely deleted, with the intent to cause further damage to her.
    Bernice has endured a year of intimidation and harassment from you.
    Please leave her alone. Stop video taping my home, stop video taping and taking photos of my 10 year old son when he walks by your house. Your behavior towards the kids with your waving and sick smiles as you slowly drive by them when they get off the school bus, purposely I suspect, has myself and others in the community concerned as to what your true intentions with the kids may be. The pretense that you now lent my son a book 17 months ago that you actually gave him, demanding he return it immediately, was that another attempt to lure my son into your home like you did when you wanted to show him your guns kept in your bedroom closet?

  18. I'm new to this page, but after reading some the above responses to the BARKING DOG complaint no wonder Anonymous is so "popular".. My goodness...No one likes to have to listen to barking dogs...even dog owners. If you are a dog owner it's YOUR responsibilitiy to keep your dogs quiet ...when you're home and when your NOT at home. To attack a neighbor for being bothered and complaining about your dogs is irresponsible on your part. I hope your don't have children because this shows terrible skills for dog ownership & probably same could be applied to setting limits in any aspect of your life. What a waste of human space...get help...This is like a bad dream...A simple complaint has gotten out of control.
    1. Dogs barking...continuously Animal Control
    2. Animal control issues a warning.
    3. Dogs continue to Animal Control
    4. Animal control issues a citation...
    5. Dogs continue to Animal Control
    6. Fine is given to dog owners.....
    Simple...Town Officials your job....

  19. Ok kiddy fiddler Boylan. Sounds like you're the waste of space. What exactly do you do with your time?

  20. It's weird how those people haven't come back to defend themselves again. Or have they and the "editor " hasn't posted their comments

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    Some of the remarks submitted are as follows; you can see why the moderation policy was changed:

    I “hope you're having a wonderful holiday season of stalking my family”

    “Fuck off.”

    “Must be hard for you to have a family, you've got no practice!!”

    Why don't you stop being such a COWARD.”

    “Stop stalking my family you freak.”

    “keep your perverted winky in your pants”

    “Maybe you'd be happier in an adult living community instead of the real world ”

    “stop video taping and taking photos of my 10 year old son when he walks by your house."

    "Your behavior towards the kids with your waving and sick smiles as you slowly drive by them, has myself and others in the community concerned as to what your true intentions with the kids may be.”

    “another attempt to lure my son into your home?”

    “Ok kiddy fiddler. Sounds like you're the waste of space.”

    “The Middletown Insider= One angry old conservative's platform to bully, intimidate and judge people whilst denying them the right to defend themselves."

    "Where's my comments?"

  22. Kiddie fiddler? Stalker? Sounds right out of an Alfred Hitchcock film. Wow!

  23. Gotta admit; clever title, "neighbor barking up wrong tree"! LOL!

  24. Running a rescue/kennel/rehab out of your home, (which the subject has outed themselves as doing), over a certain # of animals is an ordinance violation in a residential neighborhood no matter what a "good" cause it is.

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    too legggiiiitttt

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    makes you wonder

  26. Why keep the paragraphs questioning Petras' presence at the hearing after putting in the line about her being subpoenaed.It is kind of pointless.

    1. The questions raised, like your question, are valid. Once the truth was learnd, it was disclosed, which is proper.

      It might have been prudent for Office Petras to have stated at tif begining that she was testifying in response to a subpoena.

      Thank you for asking.

  27. I am mighty glad I don't live near either side in this argument. The whole bunch of you are completely bonkers.

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