Wednesday, December 30, 2015

August Wolf: No Fly List Should Not Determine Right to Self-Defense

11 DECEMBER 2015
STAMFORD, CT – Once again, Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrats are trying to use executive fiat to determine who can purchase a firearm. Governor Malloy has announced plans to use the federal no-fly list to further restrict gun purchases in Connecticut – where we already have some of the strictest laws in the country.
            Using the no-fly list does nothing to prevent terrorists from acquiring guns. It empowers federal bureaucrats to take away the right of law abiding citizens to arm themselves.
People mistakenly placed on the no fly list have included everyone from the late Senator Ted Kennedy, to 72 current employees of the Department of Homeland Security, to sitting US Congressmen, and more. On the other hand, the San Bernadino shooters were not on the list. There is no way to check how bureaucrats decide who goes on the list.
Governor Malloy and Senators Blumenhal and Murphy are demagoguing away Connecticut families’ security and citizens’ right to self-defense.
Opposition to this executive overreach is bipartisan – groups from all over the ideological spectrum from the Connecticut Citizens Defense League to the American Civil Liberties Union oppose these measures. They strip Americans of due process and their right to self defense. There is no clear remediation for those mistakenly placed on the list. We cannot allow ourselves to be governed by the Democrats’ latest talking points. Irresponsible grandstanding puts all of us at risk.
August Wolf is an Olympian, a wealth manager, a father of four, and the only declared Republican candidate for Connecticut U.S. Senate in 2016. August Wolf is running to replace current Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

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