Saturday, October 31, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Former Student Praises Kleckowski for Common Council

Letter to the Editor:
 Dear friends and family in Middletown, Connecticut. Im inviting you to vote for the re-election of Councilwoman Deborah Kleckowski on November 3rd.
Deborah, has dedicated her years to helping students and parents with the resources needed so they may continue a higher education. I am one of the many students Deborah has impacted through her career. She has guided my family and I through my entire educational journey and best of all has gone far and beyond her duties to make sure that I succeeded even after college.
If you want some who is passionate about the future of her community and will go through what ever it takes to get the job done right, I encourage you to please vote for the re-election of Councilwoman Deborah Kleckowski, on November, 3rd 2015.
She changed my life, she may just change your life as well.
Rene Rosado

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