Wednesday, September 09, 2015

City Government Promotes Liberal Views, Ignores Conservatives

While looking through our city's web site, (  under the "Services" tab, I came upon a section titled, "Newspapers and Local Internet Newsblogs". (sic)  Listed were, naturally, the Middletown Press and Hartford Courant.  Also listed, with links, are Downtown Middletown Blogspot, Middletown Eye, Middletown Patch and The Wesleyan Argus.

Conspicuously absent is mention of The Middletown Insider.  (  I can't help but wonder why the Insider was omitted.  It is not as if Mayor Drew or the Democrat dominated Common Council are unaware of it.  In fact, they are indeed aware, in some cases, painfully so.

The Middletown Insider is a political and social activist blog, focusing primarily on local matters.  Its bent is conservative, however, unlike some other blogs, all points of view are welcome and expressed, there.  My belief is that the Insider was deliberately omitted from mention on the city's web site, simply because it is conservative.

I have it on good authority that the Insider has more hits than all the other local blogs, combined.  The Courant and Press do naturally have a place on the city website.  But, the last post on Downtown Blogspot was in June of 2013.  Outside of Wesleyan, no one cares about the Argus.  The Patch is part of a network of "Patches", each "Patch" "franchise" dedicated to a particular city or town.  But the Middletown Eye is a liberal publication, run entirely, or nearly so, by Democrats, some of whom serve in city government.

It is disgraceful that our city government promotes a local liberal publication, while ignoring the local conservative one.  It is a stick in the eye to a substantial portion of our neighbors.  Should we not all have an equal voice through our local government, a government that is supposed to serve all, regardless of political ideology?

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