Thursday, September 03, 2015

Candidate Bio: Marilyn Dunkley (D) Candidate for BOE

Marilyn Dunkley - Democratic Candidate for Board of Education

My name is Marilyn Dunkley and I am interested in the BOE

Little about me, I am a 33yrs old I am a Mother of 7 children, we are a blended family, (Ashley 23yr old, Steven 19yr old, Geoffrey 18yr old, & Essence 15yr old) they are my step children, but if you ask them I am just Mom. I have been raising them for the past 10yr. I gave birth to three children, Alicea 11yr old, Cilicia 8yr old, & Carlos is 4yr old. 

I have lived in Middletown my whole life, I went to Spencer School, then Kegwin, WWMS, & I am a Dragon Alumni Class of 2001.
I went to The Center of Culinary Art School and graduated 2004. I have children YMCA Preschool, Macdonough, WWMS, & MHS, I live in the North End And have for the past 8 years.

I have worked at First & Last Tavern, as a line cook, and One Macdonough, also as a line cook.
I currently work at the Middlesex YMCA as their Preschool Head Chef. 

I have been apart of:

People Empowering People
CT Parent Power
Macdonough PTA President
Family Wellness Center
Family Resource Center/ Parents In Action
CRT Summer Lunch Program 5 years

I support:

North End Action Team (board member)
End Hunger Task Force
Middlesex Coalition for Children
Opportunity Knocks   
Breastfeeding Education

I have worked with:

John Romeo Macdonough School Principal 
Donna Moreno PLTI
Gwin Samuel CT Parent Power
Elizabeth Levering Morgan Oddfellows 
Izzi Greenberg Middlesex Coalition for Children
Bobbye Knoll Peterson NEAT
Nancy Meyers VITA 
Maureen Partyka Family Resource Center
Dawn Crayco End Hunger CT
Rick Starkey Salvation Army Captain 
Ryan Cayer & my whole board NEAT
Monica Belyea Opportunity Knocks
Christine Fahey Early Head Start
Jane Grant CRT Summer Lunch

I Have/still supported: 

Dan Drew
Matthew Lesser
Paul Doyle
Tom Gaffey
Jim Amann
Rosa DeLauro

My Goals:
Special Needs
Parent Engagement 
School Climate 
Elementary / Early Education 
High School students becoming well rounded productive citizen 

"I believe it only takes one person"

(Accepting ALL Candidate Bios! See format info here!)

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