Monday, July 27, 2015

RWAF Leaders question Mayor Drew & Grants Process


  1. I'm afraid Mr. Drew is the consummate politician, ignoring his "enemies" and rewarding his friends. I hope that more people come to realize this and consider that it is time for a change. Middletown can't afford another four years (the term for mayor is now four years, thanks to the voters in, last election) of Mayor Drew and Democrat control.

  2. I suppose we are supposed to feel sorry that this organization got some funding albeit from a flawed process. Anyone who knows Middletown knows that to expect things are done above board with no political influence belongs in CVH. Why would you trust anything any of those fools (or the ones that came before them) told you? And speaking of influence, the kind of support that RWAF gave double d and serra is illegal; non profits can lose their status by doing stupid stuff like that.


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