Monday, July 27, 2015

Middletown Republican Candidate Slate 2015

MRTC Press release:  The Middletown Republican Town Committee is proud to announce our candidates for municipal office for the 2015 Election.
We have a great slate that includes candidates with significant experience in city government and new candidates who will have fresh ideas.

Sandra Russo-Driska will lead our slate as candidate for Mayor.  She is an incumbent Common Council member, a business-woman in Middletown, and long-time town clerk for the City of Middletown.  She has shown her leadership and management abilities in all of her endeavors.  Those skills, and her knowledge of city government and operations will make her a great Mayor for Middletown.  

Sandra Russo Driska

Common Council
David Bauer
Linda Salafia
Deborah Kleckowski
Lindsay Fralick
Nicholas Fazzino
Phil Pessina
Jon Pulino
Sebastian Giuliano

Board of Education
Troy Meeker
Cheryl McClellan
Christopher Petter
William Boylan

Planning & Zoning
Angel Fernandez
Molly Salafia
Ken McClellan
Alternate William Boylan

Board of Assement Appeals
Ryan Kennedy

William Wilson

Ken McClellan, Chairman Middletown Republican Town Commitee

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