Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Marco Iacoviello to Mayor Drew: 'Is this Political?" - The Cable Advisory Board Drama Continues!!!

Dear Mayor Drew,

      It has come to my attention that you have re-appointed Ms. Santangelo and Mr. Russo to the Northern Middlesex County Cable Advisory Council.  
I would like to invite you to the next meeting of the Council on Monday, July 20th at7:00pm in Council Chambers so that the Council can address you and ask 
for your reasoning behind your decision to re-appoint two members who have been delinquent in attending meetings over the past three years.    
 We would like to get the reasoning behind your decision.  Is this something “political”?.  Keeping in mind that the Cable Advisory Council is a non-partisan
Council whose job it is to look out for the welfare of the Middlesex County community and not apolitical council, we would be very disappointed to find out 
that you based your decision on “friendship and politics” and for not “the good of the community”.  We hope to see you at the meeting on Monday.  If you miss 
the meeting, I will make a recommendation to the Council that we make a special attendance at your next Council meeting to try and address the issue

Thanks for your time,

Marco Iacoviello

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