Thursday, July 02, 2015

Drew to Re-appoint Cable Advisory Members Santangelo and Russo- members that never show up for meetings!

Note: Mayor Daniel T. Drew aka The Boy King refuses to follow city charter and appoint Republican Members to the Inland Wetlands Commission.  Recently Marco Iacoviello, a long time member of the Northern Middlesex Country Cable Advisory Aboard wrote Mayor Drew the following letter about members Dan Russo and Lisa Santangelo, whose attendance at meetings is minimal at best. (see graph)  Drew in response to the letter is re-appointing both Democrat members on Monday night at the city's council meeting.  Great job Mayor !!

Dear City Representative,

         The Secretary of the Northern Middlesex County Cable Advisory Council has been looking at the attendance
records of the Council for the last few years and has noticed that your appointed officials are listed as “low hanging fruit” (photo below).   Their attendance record leaves much to be desired.  The attached chart shows that your appointed officials have been extremely delinquent in fulfilling their duties as members of the Northern Middlesex County Cable Advisory Council.  Missed meetings over the past 3 years has been greater than 50%.

          It is our recommendation that you take the time to reconsider their reappointment to the council when renewals come due.  It is the goal of the Council to offer the best we can to the community and we would like to acquire some members who will uphold the standards that we live by.

   Thank you for your time,

    Marco Iacoviello
    NMCCAC Representative

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