Monday, July 13, 2015

Cable Board Member's Response to Mayor's Re-appointments to Cable Advisory Board

From Marco Iacoviello
Subject: Reappointments by Mayor Daniel T. Drew to the Northern Comcast Cable Advisory Board
Rock and Roll Legend Chubby Checker and Attendance Checker/Cable Advisory Board Member Marco Iacoviello

I was hoping that the Mayor would act in a logical manner to the letter that I sent him regarding the delinquency of two Middletown representatives on the Northern Middlesex Count Cable Advisory Council.....One representative has missed 9 out of 14 meetings in the past 3 years and one has missed 14 of 15 meetings in the past 3 years. My request was for the Mayor to appoint some representatives with a pulse. He re-appointed them for another term. Can someone who sees him on a daily basis, ask him why he would DISRESPET the Council in such a manner?? Maybe he can show up at the next meeting on 7/20/2015 at 7:00 to answer some questions.....COUNCIL Chambers. .I'm also curious to see if his delinquent representatives will show up....Delinquent know who you are. Maybe you can respond to this post so that the rest of Middletown knows who you are


  1. Is this for real? Did Drew really hire those two clowns again?

  2. This site rocks! Reminds me of another Middletown blog that use to be funny, I wonder if a lot of the same writes started this thing! Mmm, I can name 4 names.. Now that Eye sucks and Stephen and Ed sold out, there is nothing else that lets the people know what's going on..

  3. Don't hold your breath expecting the mayor to act in a responsible manner when it comes to appointments to commissions. There are a number of commissions that are not properly filled, including and especially the Inland/Wetland Commission, which does not have the required (by law) minority party representation. It is an illegal commission, and sets up the city for a law suit from an aggrieved party.

  4. Dear Anon 7:50AM-

    Feel free to write the Mayor a letter to address this important issue as author Iacoviello did.


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