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Motorcycle Mania Middletown 2014 in Photos!

Better late than never photos of the 9th Annual Motorcycle Mania that took place on the event's scheduled rain date of August 20th from 5 -9pm. Many in attendance made the observation it was the largest crowd they had seen at the event. (click to enlarge photos)

The Haymond Girls strike a pose from one of the events sponsors the Haymond Law Firm, which specializes in motorcycle accident cases.
Many Main Street businesses got in on the fun and had special sales & dinner items exclusive to the evening. Here, Sandra James Boutique owned by Councilwoman Sandra Russo Driska accesorized her husband Bruce Driska's bike with "His & Hers" pillows.  Deputy Fire Chief Steve LaRosa takes a photo of Driska's ride.

Middletown Police kept the crowd safe and traffic moving around closed street. Thanks guys!

Vintage bikes from ever era provide a history lesson

Storm Roller band performed live with an electrifying set.

Crowd participation was contagious.

Custom bike in a rainbow of colors and finishes.
When in Rome.. blue jeans and black tee shirts were the fashion of choice for the
evening accessorized with a club leather vest for many.
Connecticut Calender Girlz had a booth to showcase their retro styled pin-up calendar from which sales go to various domestic violence prevention group.  Here the group snaps a photo with BOE member & candidate for state rep Linda Szynkowicz.

Face painters for children & children at heart. Many a stroller was spotted between Harley making a family friendly evening enjoyed by riders of all ages.

A variety of special interest biker clubs came out to play. Here Servant's of Christ members check out the Chamber's booth.  Groups included  women, Hispanic, African American, veteran, Christian, GLBT, firefighter etc riders plus countless others proudly wore their colors and co-mingled on Main Street during Mania.

 Leather, chrome &  tech savvy! A ride with sweet custom LED lights.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Environmental endorsement is "polluted"

Below is a letter to the editor. 

To the Editor,
I was troubled to learn of the "bipartisan" Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) endorsements of local candidates for the State Senate and House.The issue is that not one of the local Republican candidates received the League's questionnaire. Specifically those representing districts which include Middletown, Angel Fernandez (R-100th District), Linda Szynkowicz (R-33rd District), and Len Suzio (R-13th District) did not receive CTLCV's survey; a fact confirmed by campaign representatives upon my inquiry.

 When I heard about the endorsement I called CTLCV and asked why some candidates, specifically the above, didn't receive the survey. A representative told me that CTLCV didn't have Fernandez, Szynkowicz, or Suzio’s e-mail addresses and that is the only way they distributed the survey! This is a poor excuse; physical addresses for all candidates are on file with the State Elections Enforcement Commission & a simple internet search yields plethora of was to contact all candidates.

According to CTLCV's "scorecard" candidate Len Suzio had a 100% pro-environment voting record during his two years in the state senate. Suzio was the only senator with a 100% perfect record during those 2 years! Furthermore, Suzio was an outspoken opponent of the Haddam Land swap which the CTLCV was very opposed to. Ironically, Suzio is a dues paying member of the League and also is active and a dues paying member with the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association; both credible environmentally conscientious bodies.

It is obvious to me CTLCV was looking for an excuse not to endorse Suzio and other local Republican candidates. According CLCV, their Board is 50/50 Democrat/Republican and a candidate needs a 65% vote from the Board to get endorsed. This year to date, CTLCV has endorsed 2 Republican candidates and 13 Democrats; how many actual candidates of both parties received the qualifying survey is unclear. Only after the endorsements were given is the annually revised survey available on the group’s website. But it is stunning that the League would not endorse Suzio, a candidate with a perfect environmental voting record and who also is a dues-paying member of the League and another pro-environment group.

It is all too convenient for CTCV to play the “ actus me invite pactus, non es meus actus” card, in other words the dog ate my homework, or in this case didn’t email it - when it comes to endorsements. Simply said, the process in which this so-called credible & “bipartisan” body reached its conclusions of whom to endorse appears more polluted than the environment they vow to protect.

Molly Salafia, Middletown CT 

CCDL Releases list of Endorsed Candidates!

*Originally posted on CCDL's weblog:

Please note Editor's amended link above 8/29/2014* Middletown's Linda Szynkowicz District 33 also endorsed.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating rights affirmed by the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Connecticut.

Photo courtesy of Dan Tax @
As our group and our members look forward to the election this November, we are faced with a stark choice for the leadership of our State. The CCDL Executive Board votes to endorse the following candidates for office that we feel best represent the interests of Connecticut gun owners and our desire to preserve
the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and Article One, Section 15 of the Connecticut State Constitution, along with the leadership abilities to move Connecticut forward. We recognize that not all members of CCDL nor all Connecticut gun owners will agree with these endorsements and we fully support everyone’s individual right to vote for the candidates of their own choosing.

After carefully considering all of these issues, the CCDL Executive Board endorses Tom Foley and Heather Somers, for the Office of Governor and Lt. Governor. Governor Dannel Malloy has a proven track record of supporting anti-rights legislation and has vilified and ostracized Connecticut gun owners throughout his term. It is time for him to be to be replaced. We strongly believe that the team of Tom Foley and Heather Somers will take Connecticut in a new direction that is so desperately needed.
We also endorse the candidates below for statewide offices and the General Assembly. As with our endorsement for Governor/Lt. Governor, we feel these candidates will help steer Connecticut in the right direction. CCDL reserves the right to endorse other candidates as they are vetted by the Executive Board.

Governor Tom Foley
Lt. Governor Heather Somers
Atty.General Kie Westby
Sec.Of State Peter Lumaj

US House 1 Matthew Corey
US House 2 Daniel Reale
US House 2 Lori Hopkins-Cavanaugh
US House 3 James Brown
US House 5 Mark Greenberg

CT Senate 2 Theresa Tillett
CT Senate 7 John A. Kissel
CT Senate 8 Kevin D. Witkos
CT Senate 13 Len Suzio
CT Senate 15 Karl D. Shehu
CT Senate 16 Joe Markley
CT Senate 17 Phillip Tripp
CT Senate 18 Andrew M. Maynard
CT Senate 19 Catherine A. ‘Cathy’ Osten
CT Senate 19 Steven Everett
CT Senate 29 John French
CT Senate 30 Clark J. Chapin
CT Senate 32 Robert J. ‘Rob’ Kane
CT Senate 33 Art Linares
CT Senate 35 Anthony ‘Tony’ Guglielmo

CT House 2 Dan Carter
CT House 8 Timothy J. ‘Tim’ Ackert
CT House 12 Rusty Meek
CT House 15 James McGovern
CT House 17 Timothy B. LeGeyt
CT House 22 Kathy Pugliese
CT House 26 Peter Ceglarz
CT House 34 Melissa H. Ziobron
CT House 35 Jesse MacLachlan
CT House 36 Bobby Siegrist
CT House 37 Ed Jutila
CT House 39 Andrew Lockwood
CT House 40 John Scott
CT House 41 Aundré Bumgardner
CT House 42 Mike France
CT House 44 Jonathan Cesolini
CT House 47 Doug Dubitsky
CT House 48 Linda A. Orange
CT House 50 Mike Alberts
CT House 51 Daniel S. Rovero
CT House 57 Christopher Davis
CT House 59 Rob Kwasnicki
CT House 60 Peggy Sayers
CT House 61 Tami Zawistowski
CT House 62 Bill Simanski
CT House 63 Jay M. Case
CT House 64 Brian Ohler
CT House 66 Craig A. Miner
CT House 67 Cecilia Buck-Taylor
CT House 70 Rosa C. Rebimbas
CT House 71 Anthony J. D'Amelio
CT House 72 Ruben Rodriquez
CT House 74 Selim G. Noujaim
CT House 76 John E. Piscopo
CT House 80 Robert C. ‘Rob’ Sampson
CT House 82 Emil ‘Buddy’ Altobello Jr.
CT House 86 Vincent J. ‘Vin’ Candelora
CT House 89 Lezlye Zupkus
CT House 100 Angel R. Fernandez
CT House 103 Alfred C. ‘Al’ Adinolfi
CT House 105 Len Greene Jr
CT House 107 David A. Scribner
CT House 113 Jason Perillo
CT House 116 Louis P. ‘Lou’ Esposito Jr.
CT House 120 Laura R. Hoydick
CT House 123 David ‘Dave’ Rutigliano
CT House 131 David K. Labriola
CT House 138 Janice R. ‘Jan’ Giegler
CT House 139 Kevin Ryan
CT House 144 Michael L. ‘Mike’ Molgano

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Victory Church Festival August 23

Middletown Police Dingwall Memorial Blood Drive August 29th

Please join the Middletown Police Department for a Memorial Blood Drive, in loving memory of Sergeant George Dingwall, the only Middletown Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty.  Also, the timing for this blood drive is due to the great need for blood during Labor Day Weekend!

The Blood Drive will take place:

222 Main Street
in Downtown Middletown

7:15 a.m. - 12 noon

To make an appointment:
Call Officer BILL WARNER at 860-344-3271
or e-mail at to schedule an appointment!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Annual Middletown Kiwanis Scholarship Golf Tournament August 19th

Photos from 3rd Annual Trinidad Caribbean Carnival held at Harbor Park

The third annual Trinidad-Style Caribbean Carnival was held at Harbor Park on Saturday August 16th. Beginning at 1 p.m. and running until 9 p.m., the festival featured  live bands, a limbo contest, soca and calypso music and Caribbean and American food.

Suzio to hold Public Information Meeting Office of Victim Advocate

Office of Victim Advocate Advisory Board members Dawn Luddy and Len Suzio will host a community meeting to seek public input regarding the selection of the new Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut. The OVA Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility of recommending to the Governor candidates for appointment to head the Office of the Victim Advocate for Connecticut. All members of the public, and crime victims and their families in particular, are invited to express their opinions about the qualifications that should be mandated for this very important office. The Victim Advocate has been the subject of controversy in recent years in light of the refusal in 2013 of the Governor to continue the appointment of Michelle Cruz who had been outspoken in her criticism of the Early Release Law that allows violent criminals out of prison early. This is a chance for the public to express to OVA Committee members the characteristics they should consider as they evaluate candidates for the Office of Victim Advocate. See the Press Advisory below for details.

Press Advisory

What: Members of Victim Advocate Advisory Committee will hold a informal public event regarding the search for a new Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut
When: Monday, August 18, 2014 at 6:00 pm to 8 pm
Where: Meriden Public Library, the Griffen Room, 105 Miller Street, Meriden Connecticut
Purpose: This event is intended to give members of the public and victims of crime an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions about the desired qualifications for the new Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut. Office of Victim Advocate Advisory Board members Dawn Luddy and Len Suzio will brief the public on the process and then solicit and listen to input from the public.
Background: The Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut is responsible to advocate for the rights of the victims of crime and their families. The current Victim Advocate for the State of Connecticut has resigned. The Victim Advocate Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility to solicit, evaluate and recommend candidates for the post of Victim Advocate.
For More information contact: Len Suzio 203-530-1544 for

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In memory of Sean Patrick Boylan, 23Nov58 – 12Aug09

On 23Nov, 1958, my brother, Sean was born.  By the way, that was 10 ½ months after me - if you do the math, you’ll see that we were both born in the same calendar year, which makes us “Irish twins” - can’t figure that one out;  “Irish twins”?

Anyway, when he was born he weighed in at less than 5 lbs.  It seemed he had the deck stacked against him from the beginning.  As a kid, he was awkward, uncoordinated, and had a speech impediment - he was different than the other kids.  He didn’t seem to fit in.

Sean couldn’t swing a baseball bat or catch a football.  No one wanted him on their team.  He was the last one picked, if he was picked at all.  Sometimes, Dad had to force us to let him play.

I can’t imagine what life must have been like for him.  Almost everywhere he turned he was rejected, picked on, and teased.  Even by some adults; teachers, people who should have known better!

Later in life, Sean’s search for acceptance and companionship made him an easy victim.  He was taken advantage of by people he thought were his friends.

Human beings all need certain things.  Besides food, clothing and shelter, a person needs friendship, love, the acceptance of his peers.  Sean was no exception.  Although our parents provided well for us all these things, as parents should, all too frequently he was scorned by others - myself included.

At one time or another, most of us experience loneliness and rejection, but these are the exception, temporary bumps in the road of life, rather than the rule.  For Sean, it was the rule, rather than the exception; a way of life.

It’s easy to see how under the circumstances, one might become bitter.  Sean certainly did.  At some point, however, one must stand up and take responsibility for one’s own choices and actions. In spite of mitigating factors, this applied to Sean, too.

He made a number of bad choices in his life and managed to alienate himself from most of his family.  He took advantage of, and abused, those who tried to help him.

After regaining consciousness in the hospital, something in him seemed to change.  The bitterness was no longer apparent.

Because of the medical apparatus put down his throat to help him breath, it was difficult for him to speak.  He never actually said so, but when I came to visit him in the hospital, he appeared genuinely glad to see me.

It seemed as though a burden had been lifted from his shoulders.  I didn’t get the sense that he was particularly happy, but given his illness that’s quite understandable.  Nevertheless, he seemed to be at peace, no longer harboring any bitterness or anger.

Sean knew he was going to die.  He told me he was going to make it, but I could see in his eyes he didn’t believe his own words.  After a couple of weeks, though his condition improved and for a while it appeared that he just might make it!

One of the first things he did upon regaining consciousness was to ask for a priest and last rights. There’s no telling what dreams or visions he had while he was unconscious.   He never expressed them to me if he did, or perhaps he didn’t consciously remember them.

But surely it was our mother’s (and father’s) prayers and God’s ultimate mercy and love at work that gave Sean the opportunity to make his peace.  (We should all be so lucky.)  Perhaps it was the same love and mercy that gave me the chance to see him again.

By that time, though, there was little I could do for him, except to occasionally adjust the breathing apparatus in his nostrils, something he seemed to appreciate.

So, what lessons can we learn from Sean’s life and death?  To be thankful for the gifts and talents we have been given and to nourish them and use them wisely.  To be kind and compassionate towards those less fortunate.  Not to judge others hastily, for we don’t know what burdens they bear.  To love and cherish the family and friends that are put into our lives, to quickly shed our own anger, and to forgive.

Perhaps, most of all, we can learn to be at peace in our hearts with the knowledge and faith that one day, we too will join Sean and our ancestors in a world where there is no pain, no strife, no hunger,  or disease, but only peace, tranquility, green pastures, white sandy beaches and good sailing, always.

In memoriam,

William Boylan


Yesterday, August 12, was the 5th anniversary of my brother, Sean's passing.  Last year on that date, I was working at Pat Mekrut's (River Shore Builders) project on Coe Ave..  That morning, I made note of Sean's passing on FB, before going to work.  Later that day, I sat in the van for a break and absentmindedly pushed the power window button for the passenger side window.  That window hadn't worked for months. But, seemingly miraculously, it worked, then! It has worked ever since.

A further mysterious unfolding of events: I hadn't seen Pat since his father's funeral, three years prior. Fred Mekrut, who died on July 10, 2010, was my best friend and the older brother I never had. On or about that date in July '13, I pulled off of RT 9 and decided to check out the commercial building going up at Coe Ave. (I never bothered with commercial jobs) Guess who the builder was; Fred's son, Patrick. At the time, I needed work and Patrick needed my services.

In my mind, these events, coupled with other extraordinary events that continue happening in my life, are evidence of the outside forces that play an integral part of our lives. There is just too much coincidence for it all to be coincidence.
(the author built the cross and column in this photo)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Middletown Poll Results Republican Primary 2014

Middletown Primary Results 


Tom Foley  420

John McKinney 256

Lt. Governor

Heather Somers 232
David Walker 225
Penny Bacchiochi-Igwenagu 196

Republican Primary Today CT! Have you Voted?

Today the Press published an article about the GOP primary. Check it out here:
 Polls close at 8 pm. For information as to where you vote- see the link here for a list of streets & polling places.
 Below is a sample ballot. Leave a comment and let us know who you plan to vote for & your predictions for the outcomes!

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"CT Republican's Are Colorblind" McGovern responds to Kuhn's Letter

James McGovern,  GOP candidate
State Rep. Bloomfield/Windsor
The Middletown Press published a letter from resident Eric Kuhn in which he implies more or less all Connecticut Republicans are racist bigots by saying "the Connecticut GOP must choose between appealing to black or anti black voter." In earlier letters published here WIlliam Boylan and Wayne Winsley responded to Kuhn's allegations. Below candidate James McGovern responds. Thank you James!
Letter to the Editor
I am a husband, a father and an Oath Keeper. The editorial submitted by Eric Kuhn has many flaws.

While I am not a self-appointed spokesperson for all black people like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, my own experiences as a member of CT Republican Party are anything but racist. Let’s acknowledge that Republicans across the United States have fielded more Black and Hispanic candidates in 2014 than in any other time in history. I suspect, you wouldn’t know this fact because of lack of coverage by liberal leaning media. I do, because I am also a candidate for CT State Representative (Bloomfield and Windsor) who just happens to be Black.

If, we the people want to be truly honest with ourselves, we would acknowledge there are racists in
both parties, but, there are a lot more of them in the Democratic Party. Can we bear witness that many Black people voted for Barack Obama in 2008, not because of his stellar background but rather because of the color of his skin?

From within the party, I continue to seek solutions to challenges that Democrats are incapable of solving within their ideology. Our inner-city neighborhoods including Hartford, Bridgeport and Hew Haven are becoming the forgotten America. I have had many passionate conversations with Republicans who simply hold a suburban perspective. In this regard, I believe that the people in inner-city communities that ignore Republicans and deny themselves an opportunity for their voices to be heard are at more fault than someone who is not welcomed in that same community. You sometimes get what you ask for.

Often, you can’t win if you don’t play.I applaud the Democratic Party for using the GOP’s belief in a colorblind America against us. Whether it is affirmative action, racial quotas or even amnesty for illegal immigrants, Democrats have no issues

with using racial discrimination to advance their political agenda. I am often reminded of Dr. Martin
Luther King’s speech asking us to focus on the content of one’s character over the color of one’s skin. I am saddened that being colorblind is so elusive for many Democrats.

Racism is part of American history and continues to drive political paranoia. Liberals fear they will be discovered as full-fledged participants while Conservatives fear that it will be used as a tool to hold their core beliefs hostage. As a citizen, I choose freedom over both. I have been granted the gift of being endorsed equally by blacks, whites and everyone in between. At the Republican Convention, I was chosen to give the seconding speech for Joe Visconti and to this day have received nothing but
admiration and respect from people of all walks of life.

Connecticut needs Republican candidates that are not just acceptable to Republicans, but rather a
candidate that Democrats can also get excited about. As a candidate, I will make sure that no matter
who you are, no matter what part of the state you are from, if you work hard, you too can live the
American dream. I encourage Democrats who like to complain about racism, to spend less time talking about the problem and instead support those with solutions. I humbly welcome Democrats of all races to learn more about how Republican values benefits us all equally.
James McGovern

Motorcycle Mania Middletown 2014! New date: August 20th

Motorcycle Mania Middletown 2014!
Main Street be blocked off to cars from Washington Street to South Green same as in the past
Wednesday Aug 13, 2014  5-9pm, 5pm to 9pm (Raindate Wednesday Aug 20th, 2014)


Letter to the Editor: Keep PZ Commission in the Loop

The below letter was sent to the Mayor and Council Majority Leader by Molly Salafia, Acting Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission. 
To the Editor:
Once again I am reading something in the papers that should have at least been told to the Planning & Zoning Commission prior. I am referring to the Aug. 18 workshop for downtown planning and to discuss parking garage considerations (“City workshop to examine future downtown development in Middletown”).
Commissioners Pelletier and Russo are our council liaisons and I am unaware if this was discussed with either. Unfortunately, there is a month gap between meetings right now, so they could not have reported back. In Commissioner Russo’s absence, as acting chair, I should be briefed.
While I realize city property is treated differently than private and essentially approved by the council, etc. via GS-24 status, it is imperative that the PZ Commission be aware of the goings on of city planning.
We are currently planning workshops to discuss riverfront zoning; the garage and such other major components need to be apart of this plan. Our committees should not be acting in vacuums.
Has the Design Review committee been asked to attend? Surely, after the lighting of the tunnel to the riverfront, the results of which have been criticized, that group also would be a valuable tool in discussion the physical characteristics of a parking garage.
As acting chair, I am dedicating the last 15 to 30 minutes of commission affairs with outlined discussion for future planning. In adherence to the city charter, the commission should be spending half the time planning and half zoning.
We are planning to hold a public workshop as well once we have narrowed down discussion points. A subsequent workshop will effect our timeline.
I have outlined items to be included in the outgoing PZ packet to commissioners for our Aug. 11 meeting. It has not been sent yet; so there is still time for the council to put together backup information — any schematic plans so far by Centerplan, Aug. 18 workshop agenda, etc. to be added to this mailing. It is much appreciated.
The mayor, majority leader, respective departments, parking department council liaisons, anyone, please email, call or come to a public meeting and let us know about projects that will affect city planning.
We need to work together in the initial planning stages. Listening to a live council meeting, reading meeting minutes after the fact, or a newspaper article is not acting as a team. Please keep us in the loop in the future.
Molly Salafia
Acting chair Middletown Planning and Zoning

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pizza Party Fundraiser Candidate Angel Fernandez August 14!

Candidate Angel Fernandez for the 100th
Angel Fernandez is having a fundraiser on Thursday, August 14, 2014, at Tommy's Pizza on Saybrook Road, Middletown, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Fernandez is running for state rep for the 100th district. The suggested donation is $20.00. Secret Surprise guest! All Welcome!

For more information on Fernandez check out his webpage:

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