Sunday, October 19, 2014

Before you throw the money bomb, be sure it isn't going to blow up in your face.

Well, the Hartford Courant is at it, again with another attack on Foley; .  Jenny Wilson continues with the class warfare, attacking a man who has violated no laws, solely because he is successful.
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Before you throw the money bomb, Jenny, be sure it isn't going to blow up in your face:

Did Tom Foley break any tax laws? No. Did he have taxable income for the years in question? No.

Was Dannel P. Mallow born into a privileged family in Stamford?
Yes. Has Dan Malloy ever had a job in the private sector, other than as a lawyer? No. Has Dan Malloy ever run a business? No.

Has Tom Foley ever successfully managed an international company that provided thousands of jobs and created wealth and prosperity for workers and investors, such as employee pension funds? Yes.

Does Tom Foley suffer from Bell's palsy, a that condition partly paralyzed the right side of his face so he can only smile with the left side of his mouth with his right eye is partially closed? Yes. Does Dam Malloy suffer from dyslexia? Yes. (They are both human)

Did Tom Foley serve as Ambassador to Ireland, like Senator Chris Dodd? Yes. Is Democrat Senator Dodd a member of the wealthy, privileged class? Yes.

Did Tom Foley put his life on the line, serving his country in Baghdad while the city was under siege? Yes. Did Tom Foley receive the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award in June 2004 for his service in Iraq? Yes.

Did Pres. Obama attend a fundraiser, at $30,000 a plate, in Greenwich, hosted by Rich Richman? Yes. What do the attendees expect in return for their $30K donations? Hmmm?

Did Pres. Obama attend a $32,400 a plate fundraiser, hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow? Yes. What do those attendees expect in return? Hmmm?

Are Dan Malloy and Pres. Obama really in touch with the working class people? I doubt it.

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