Sunday, October 19, 2014

Middletown Mess Your Daily Spin! More Conservative Bashing...

Editor's Note 10/28: Editor Cassandra Day emailed us to set the record straight; and we are glad she did. Seems the Press is not playing favorites between the D's & R's and what they print, and we apologize if that's inadvertently what we suggested. Turns out the conservatives lately have just been alittle   ALOT lazy in their letters to the paper.  Duh...So the paper will print what they get; and that's a lot of Kuhn-fusion & not much else lately. So get off the couch you Conservatives & WRITE  if you don't like the Kuhn-aliguistics. We are big fans of Ms. Day and the progress. Day has always been both professional & fair minded to all politicos in town.
 Day is a breath of fresh air to the Mess Press, and we mean it!

Aw shucks!! Under a new editor, the Mess had really started to turn things around! 

However, the letter to the editor page has been  monopolized by conservative basher, race-baiter & all around hater local ubber liberal guitar strummin' Middletownian Eric Kuhn. Most newspaper have a 1 letter per month & word cap for letters to the editor, but the Mess does not- but maybe with the page turning Kuhnapalooza-cra cra they oughta! We previously countered Kuhn's attack on conservatives with follow up letters from several political leaders: Wayne Winsley, James McGovern, and resident blogger Billyboy Baggins. A verbal 1-2-3 knock down. 

Maybe Mess is hard up for letters to the editor (this is where you closet righties chime in and get off your butts and write something folks!) or the paper has been relapsing to the dark days when Viktoria S. was still editor and her twitter-crush on Matty Lesser bled onto every page. 
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Sad we can't do this story without context so forgive us for giving attention-whore Kuhn more attention. In Kuhn's latest piece of persecution where he goes after the Granddaddy of all homegrown Connecticut Conservative bloggers Mr. Don Pesci of all people! 

On behalf of all citizen's, we would like to apologize to Mr. Pesci for the verbal diarrhea of a village idiot; sometimes M-town is Mentaltown. 

Alas, like a white knight of the English language Pesci strikes down the mistrel of mockery in his own words: "He's just making a mountain out of a molehill metaphor, the usual lefty rhetorical practice (see Sol Alinsky). I can’t even be sure he understands the provenance of the metaphor: Lenin said he would get from capitalists the rope he would then use to hang them. Progressives do the same – quite effectively; President Obama pulled in more dollars from rich capitalists than did Mitt Romney. Jon Pelto is on record as favoring a more steeply progressive income tax to pay for the Democrats improvident spending, which is why I brought Leon Trotsky into the metaphorical rendering. I suspect Mr. Kuhn knows this and is pretending ignorance to advance his own nefarious rhetorical purposes, one of which seems to be to convince newspaper that carried the column to shut me up. Get thee to a gulag, Pesci."

Well played Papa Pesci, well played.
If you want to read a real blog by a real writer check out Don Pesci's Red Notes on a Blue State.

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