Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CT Gun Control Sent Judy Aron Packing

Excerpts from Judy Aron's Commentary From Hartford Courant; Feb 14, 2014

"What's your line in the sand?
When do you finally say, "Enough," decide to sell your house, pack up your things and move your life to another state that offers more freedom and liberty?
For me and my family, the straw that broke the camel's back was the ludicrous and oppressive gun legislation enacted last year in Connecticut by progressive Democrats and weak-kneed, unprincipled Republicans.

We are not alone in our decision to leave Connecticut. The exodus has begun in earnest as people clamor to move anywhere where there is more economic opportunity, smaller government, less crime and more freedom. Their children have already left the state because there are no real career jobs to be had. Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Tennessee, North Carolina are some choices for people who are leaving, but we decided on New Hampshire.

The motto "Live Free or Die" is not taken lightly (in New Hampshire). There's no state income tax and no sales tax, and gun rights are still intact. All it took was $10 and a short form to get our concealed carry permits. We can walk around all day with holstered guns and no police will bother us and the citizens don't freak out either. It's one of the safest states in the country, too."

This patriot and her family will be missed, but one cannot fault her decision.
Note: Judy Aron is a long time Homeschooling Activist. She has been heavily involved in protecting the rights of parents: particularly homeschoolers. She graduated from Rondout Valley High School and went on to attend SUNY New Paltz, where she earned a BA in Economics in 1978 graduating magna cum laude with a dual minor in Business Administration and Computer Science.
                                                                                   Judy Aron
Also: interesting interview with Scott Wilson of CT Citizens' Defense League: (YouTube)

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