Monday, November 11, 2013

Realistic Balance Mayoral Candidate Kilian to Donate Campaign War chest

Below is a letter received from Realistic Balance mayoral candidate John Kilian. Kilian lost to incumbent Mayor Dan Drew (D), but received 16% of the total votes cast for mayor; a precedent for a third party challenger in Middletown. Mayor Drew raised $93,000 in contributions for re-election campaign. Kilian says he  will be donating 100% of his raised funds as he spent no money for his bid for mayor.

Since the campaign ended, people have been lining up to solicit me for my candidate committee surplus. After due diligence  I am going to direct my treasurer to disburse the entire kit and caboodle left in the Citizens for Kilian account to The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts and Cultural Center.  They are a local institution that plays an important role in our community, and they are in need of financial support from the community.

As far as what will become of the bond I posted when I sued the City, that will become available before Thanksgiving, and has been reserved for what will likely be a very large bar bill in Newtown the day after.


John Kilian

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