Monday, November 04, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Fiscal Responsibility, Vote Giuliano

Below is a letter to the editor published as a courtesy to readers; all opinions expressed are that of the author and not necessarily that of the Insider staff.  -------------------------------------------------------------- 
 I urge all Middletown residents to join me in electing former Mayor Sebastian Giuliano to the Common Council. He has proven himself to be a tireless advocate for our city, placing the interests of citizens over political concerns.

He has repeatedly worked to implement reforms to protect the City's financial health. During his years as mayor, the tax base grew, the City's cash reserves grew, the North End saw a long-anticipated revitalization come about, and the business climate reached new heights.

Seb has advocated fiscal discipline that will protect future generations of Middletown citizens. If elected, he will work to implement a requirement that city budgets contain 5-year projections, so we can actually see how today's decisions impact our future. He also believes that borrowing money or taking it from the City's "rainy day" funds should only happen when approved by a 9-vote "supermajority" of the Common Council. And he believes that the Board of Education should have a more direct and open method of a adopting its own budget.

I'm voting for Seb Giuliano on November 5 and I ask all Middletown voters to do the same!

Lea Tomaszewski

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