Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Middletown Republican Platform Vote ROW A

The letter below reflects views and opinions not necessarily shared by the Insider staff, and is published as a courtesy to readers.The following was received as a letter to the editor from Middletown Republican vice chair William Wilson.

2013 Platform 
We of the Republican Party stand for fiscal and social conservatism; personal responsibility; and small government.
City Budget and Taxes
·  SPENDING increases, if unavoidable, should be increased by no more than the increase in the Grand List. 
·  BONDING - A Charter Revision Commission will be empaneled to require that bonding, which requires a referendum, must be approved by a minimum of 25% of the registered voters, during regular voting schedules.   Additionally, bonding under $750,000 must be approved by a 9 vote super  majority of the common council.
·  UNPRODUCTIVE and unsuccessful city programs will be eliminated.  We support incentive programs for city workers who find money saving measures for the city.  We support making directors responsible for their budgets, by making the accuracy of their budgets a subject of their job performance evaluations.
·         BUDGETS will include 5-year projections
·  ATTRACT and promote new and expanded businesses to increase our tax base.
·  Planning and Development should be approached responsibly for the betterment of the city and all her citizens.  That means economic and residential development and conscious decisions to leave open spaces should be accomplished through a balance of environmental concerns and business needs.
Long Range Planning
·  MIDDLETOWN  will develop a long-range plan for administration and budgeting purposes.  A twenty-year plan will be adopted for our infrastructure:  buildings, water, sewer and streets.
Our Seniors
·  SENIOR programs will be coordinated in neighborhoods beyond the Senior Center

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