Monday, November 04, 2013

Short Stories from the Insider: Enough is Enough

Short Stories from the Insider: Enough is Enough

Enough is enough. Mayor Dan Drew insinuating that he has no knowledge of this recent flyer attacking Council candidate and former Mayor Seb Giuliano is a crock. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. (Portland Bridge with new lights)

Dan Drew held a fund raiser for the Working Families party (as contrasted with his own reelection committee) and the proceeds of which paid for this mailer. To claim no knowledge ,let alone no direct involvement with it just insults everyone’s intelligence.

Everyone knows that this is Phil Pessina in conjunction with the democrats have a goal in mind. Now you can see why the Republicans did not nominate Phil for reelection. Now Phil is being used and played by the democrats (along with the Working Family party) to do their dirty work? Phil on strings, not to smart, do you think?  It’s very hard to believe that the Working Families party had the funds to disperse the flyer. People, this is how the democrats work with money, dishonestly.

Another thing Mayor Dan Drew continues to say he works in a bipartisan manner as quoted on the Middletown Patch November 1st 2013: "We've spent the last two years fixing problems and we have a vision for the city that we hope to move forward in a unified, bipartisan fashion."

WHAT BYPARISAN FASHION! He has an 8-4 majority on the council. The true fact is 10-2 majority with Phil and Joe. Does he really think the citizens of Middletown are stupid? If the common council had a republican majority or even split than he would have to work in a bipartisan manner to accomplish what all believe is good for Middletown. We need less spending and lower taxes and more business in town.  But with a majority he doesn’t have to work hard at all to get what he wants.

He constantly say’s the city is moving forward when in reality it’s not moving at all. Take a look around and you will notice numerous residential for sale signs all over town. People are not only leaving Middletown but the State Of Connecticut because they can no longer afford to live here. When students graduate they are relocating to other states that have jobs and fewer taxes. Let’s wake up and smell the coffee.

The democrats are destroying our town and state. They target low information voters to stay in power and the rest of us suffer. Therefore please get out and VOTE ROW A November 5TH.

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