Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ridge Road: Free Speech or Hate Speech?

Local artist and resident of  Middletown David Schulz for years has used his front yard as a way of advertising his political views & musings. Currently on the front yard of his Ridge Road residence located diagonally across the street from Farm Hill Elementary School's main entrance, Schulz has signs displayed aligning the Tea Party with the Taliban terrorist organization. Schulz's opinion is protected by the First Amendment.

Like the Nazi regime, the Taliban's name is synonymous is known for global atrocities of unfathomable magnitude. Are there certain lines that should not be crossed and who decides? Do double standards exist?
 The 3  signs on Schulz's lawn read:  
"The Taliban doesn't need 
to destroy American,
 the Tea Party is doing it for them."
We ask readers to comment. What if this were your neighbor?
 Free Speech or Hate Speech?
Free speech or hate speech? Click to enlarge

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