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Dan Drew most likely will not give away his 88K war chest despite not having a GOP opponent.

Dan Drew most likely  not give his 88K War Chest away despite not having a powerful Mayoral challenger in 2013 (no offense to John Kilian)
Helping the cause: His Cause for advancement and so forth.  Mr. Mayor, take the Middletown Insider challenge and donate your money to one of the charities or
 projects below. 
MIDDLETOWN- Democrat Incumbent Dan Drew, the surprise dark horse 2011 Chinese (not really Asian, but he went to China on our dime) candidate has raised approximately (Source: Oct 10, 2013 Patch) 88 thousand dollars in order to defeat the Republican challenger.  The only problem with the scenario is that the town’s other major party the Republican Party did not nominate anybody to run against the young Drew who wishes to spend large chunks of city money (approximately $85,000) on cosmetic lights for the Arrigoni Bridge and give ION Restaurant a solid $100,000 because they decided to leave the Clock Tower Mall and move next to NORA cupcakes.   Gee, I wish I had the ability to go to the mayor and say:

“Excuse me sir, can you give me a cool $100,000 because I feel like moving.”   What a wonderful liberal world that would be, but in Middletown that vision is a reality because Drew has been down this road before with the ION Supermarket who felt that they were losing business due to the traffic issues plaguing the bridge.  In the council’s ultimate wisdom, 10 members of the council voted to give ION- the store free money, while the fiscal conservative members of the common council  ( (R)Debbie Kleckowski and Linda Salafia) elected (properly) to stand their ground and vote to keep the money in Middletown for the people. 

 What type of form does one have to do in order to obtain free money from the Mayor and the Democratic controlled Common Council?  Is there a packet, does a person have to give a blood or DNA sample? In order to be involved on the Democratic Town Committee, a person has to take pledge to the devil and promise the soul of the first born to the MDTC. (I will not make any predictions about Stephen H. Devoto at this time, but Hades is definitely carving out a space for him after his mortal adventure is complete).

Assignment: If you are a Republican, Unaffiliated or non-inside Democrat (i.e. Non CASHO member), ask yourself if our wonderful city’s Mayor will use his monies to further the cause for the following charities.  Unfortunately Mayor Drew will most likely take the extra money and form a PAC and give it away to the head master Dannel Malloy, but one can only hope.

  Hey, the liberals like Mark Masselli preach left and right how they help the poor people, but in reality Mark is making $600,000 a year and cancels Midnight on Main because Drew won’t budget on some minutia issues that Mark feels he is entitled to. (Truth, Masselli got a $10.00 parking ticket and Roger downtown refused to fix it for him).  (Truth 2: Masselli used and continues to use CHC money for his legal fees)

Will Mayor Dan Drew give his money away to any of the following causes?

     A)   MHS goes to the Symphony- An amazing cause, music and youth in Middletown. Can you imagine how many instruments 88k can buy? There needs to be a clause in there that says Marco Gaylord cannot get any MORE city money.

      B)   Midnight on Main Street-  Two years ago Ed McKeon and a bunch of others donated quality time and energy to bring forth a hip and an amazing event full or art and spunk on Newe Year’s Eve.  The 2nd year,  was equally successfully, but this year CHC President and ethical dilemma poster child Mark Masselli decided to pull the plug on the event.   This is the time for Mayor Drew to step up and show the people what he is made of!  No more strange trips to China, no more lights on the bridge. Give the people what the want- free entertainment!

     C)   Elevator at McDonough School- Rumor has it that the elevator at McDonough School is out of order. (Is that legal?)  Well, Dan I bet if you take out $2,000 from your 88k you can get it fixed.

     D)   Senior Center- Mayor, you were against the Senior Center and then gave the big speech for it taking credit for the whole thing.  Stand up and step out and give the entire 88K to the seniors.  Remember they vote!

     E)   Fix the Parking Meters- Fix the machines! 

     F)    Dog Park- Here is what you do, find a nice piece of land in town and have it fixed up.  (Rule: It can’t be a Vet’s Park unless the dog go poo-poo in the pool) With your money you can create the (drumroll): “Daniel T. Drew Poo-Poo Dog Park.” That would great.

     G)   Sewers in Maromas- Pump the sh*t right out of Maromas! (History of the World Part 1 reference)

      H)   Use the funds to help the fund balance-  This one is easy: take the monies and add it to the town’s fund balance in order to balance the books for once. 

      I)     Send more students to Magnet school- Help education and the kids find great schools. 88k can send a lot of kids to special technological schools and you could get credit for it.

       J)    Give Community Health Center Exec. Mark Masselli more money- This one is  easy too.  If MM makes $600,000 give him your money too, why not makes sense.(Then he can donate it back wink wink)

      K)   Continue the holiday lighting on main street- Every year in Middletown the lights during the holiday seasons get smaller and smaller and dimer and dimer.  Buy new LED special lights from CL&P that could save the town money.  I would use your Dem party line about lights, but I’ve heard so many times it makes want to reach for the Mylanta.

      L)    Buy bulletproof vests for Emergency Management- Be a man and buy these hard working guys bulletproof vests! Just do it! 

M)   Get the Emergency Management volunteers (ya know the people who bailed our butts out when you turned away the National Guard during a big snow storm that shut down streets for days)  the proper vaccines against communicable diseases - what is that like $300 for 15 people anyway? Masselli probably keeps some in his glove compartment.

      N)    Purchase two police cruisers- $88,000 can buy two brand new police cars for the town’s fleet. 13 are needed so knocking off two is a huge help.This would be an amazing gift from you to the people.

     O)    Once and for all get the City IT Dept., or better a savvy group of middle school students to set up broad casting the Council & BOE meetings live online! Digital archiving yea! Oh snap! Then people will REALLY be informed!  We bet you will have about $80,000 or more left over too. We hear this interweb thing is gonna be big someday! 

P)   A Tennis court for the high school. The courts were left out of the MHS Taj Mahal plan despite the addition of the sports facility and track. 

Q)   Improved animal control facilities for both dogs and cats. Middletown only now has facilities for dogs and, for years has had to send felines elsewhere. Why the not end the species discrimination?

What would you like to see $88k spent on in Middletown? 
You can bet your a** this money will be funneled into a PAC and go straight to the Malloy campaign coffers after this election; after all Big Dan pulled out all the stopped to get DD elected!

Before it does, tell us (or really Mayor Dannel Drew) 
in comments so he can pretend he really thought of it first!


  1. My guess is the money ends up in Governor Malloy's coffers for his re-election bid.

  2. I think you are correct and that is too bad.. I know the last administration gave some of his dough to Oddfellows or something like that. It wasn't ARTFARM, but a non-profit..

  3. ION Restaurant has not received a DIME from the City of Middletown, and it's news to me that The Mayor was ever even considering it. This anonymous rant wasn't brought to my attention until tonight, unfortunately, or I would have responded sooner! If the person responsible for lashing out with lies and innuendos cares to speak in person, you know where to find me.

    1. Ms. Magee you are 100% mistaken! We are referring to the grant money given to ION STORE as stated from EDC after bridge construction. I think you are the one to apologize.

      Here is the article.http://articles.courant.com/2011-12-13/community/hc-the-arrigoni-bridge-construction-is-hurting-middletown-businesses-20111213_1_common-council-arrigoni-bridge-construction-northend


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