Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sisk Street & Pleasantview Drive Repaving Allegedly Causes Property Damage.

Earlier in the month, Sisk Street and parts of Pleasantview Drive were repaved as part of a City Road Bond. The job had been awarded to Tilcon Paving Services. Generally, when roads are repaved each private driveway may get a new apron to smooth out the transition between the drive and  street.  We heard that various residents reported cracking to their driveways during the repaving that was more than the superficial cracking that typically occurs on the aprons. The party responsible for the cracking was responsible for fixing the damage to private properties. For any questions, concerns, or reports of damage please contact the Mayor's Office at (860) 638 4801.
Repaved property at the corner of Sisk St. and Pleasantview Drive

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