Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reader Submitted Video: Local Middletown Republicans Release Slate for 2013 Election Cycle

 Incumbent councilwomen Linda Salafia, and Deborah Kleckowski were nominated by the party for the GOP Common Council slate. Nick Fazzino (former P&Z commissioner), Sebastian Giuliano (formed 3 term mayor) Sandra Driska-Russo, David Bauer (former councilman) and Ryan Kennedy (former BOE member) were all nominated to the GOP slate for common council. Incumbent councilmen Phil Pessina and Joe Bibisi were not re-nominated by the party. Driska-Russo recently retired as Town Clerk.
David Bauer was also nominated for Planning and Zoning joining Robert Simpson and Jeremy Clark. 
Linda Sienkiewicz, Brian Kaskel, Marie Norwood, and  William Wilson, were nominated to join incumbent Sheila Daniels for board of education as a candidate.
Jeremy Clark was nominated as P&Z alternate. David Greaves and Jon Pulino were nominated to for Board of Assessment Appeals. Ryan Kennedy is nominated for treasurer.

Phil Pessina and Joe Bibisi were both offered other seats on the slate; a spot on the PZ and the City Treasurer slot respectively. Former Councilman Earle Roberts also was declined a requested seat on the council seat. He was nominated from the floor for planning and zoning but declined the nomination. 
The Hartford Courant, Middletown Eye Blog, Middletown Press, and Middletown Patch blog all covered the event and provide their respective editorials.
Below is a video graciously sent in by reader Darrell Lucas who attended the Middletown Republican Town Committee meeting and interviewed some of the candidates chosen for the upcoming Municipal election by the Town Committee. The editing of this video was done by Lucas and posting is with his permission.


  1. This shows how dead the Middletown Republican party is. They can't even find a candidate to run for mayor against Dan Drew. Even former mayor Seb Giluiano is terrified to make another run. How pathetic.


  2. That guy Angel. He has anger problems Just asked the work force, all laughed when this guy's name came up. Rember Parks Angel?

  3. Seb you will forever be linked to Deb. Good Luck with thatedult

  4. Darrel bags the Insiders and GOP any chance he gets. He just tries to get a rise out of anyone who will listen He jumps on any local who's who that walks into Illianios and hammers them with stuff he claims this blog or GOP said even when they didn't. He is not your friend and is out to make trouble for people. Disappointed to see this guys crap up, don't fall for his tactics.

  5. Dear 6:09:

    Where the DEMS dead in 2007 when they didn't run a candidate against Seb Giuilano?

  6. To Anon 7:14,

    It saddens me to see ill informed, bitter comments like these.

    My job is a social one. I have an interest in politics. And I am genuinely interested in the activities of Middletown and its people.

    I like talking about issues. Getting a rise... life is all about getting a rise. If anything this local republican party NEEDS a rise if they want to gain seats.

    I see so many people every week. Firefighters, police, and E.M.T's... the former mayor and the current. MRTC members and common council members. BOE employees and local business owners. Principals, teachers, and students. If a topic is hot at the time and a person who is related to the subject stops in to pick up I have no problem in asking their opinion on the matter.

    Hard for me to falsely claim this blog has said something when everything is in black and white for anyone to read.

    I have an interest in the local GOP. If you think my video is crap that's fine. Instead of judging me with such little information you have you should come in and talk to me! Come in and strike up some small talk.

    And my tactics? Shooting a video, editing it for 3 hours, and whoring it out to all the local news outlets so the local GOP can get some publicity is quite the tactic.

    You have a nice day now. :-)

  7. bs Darrel. You wouldn't dare ask the hard questions of the Democrats. You stalk the GOP and ate just as bias and transparent as the rest. Guys don't. trust this one.


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