Monday, July 08, 2013

Open to the General Assembly: Is this the "change" you had "hoped" for?

Open letter to the General Assembly

Dear members of the General Assembly,

Well, it's happened again. No, you haven't wasted a perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk, another retiree, a client of mine, is moving out of state. Before I left for a short vacation, I talked to her about a new deck; a nine thousand dollar deck.

Not only is the state losing tax revenue, but every business these people would have patronized is losing money, too. The money from that job alone, would have paid my basic expenses for a month!

Now, she tells me they have decided to sell the house and move because, "I just cannot see us being able to retire in any kind of comfort here."

This is the result of over burdensome taxes and regulations. Companies like PTR are taking their businesses and JOBS elsewhere and retirees like my client are taking their pensions and leaving the state in droves. This is a direct result of policies coming out of Hartford.

Is this the "change" you had "hoped" for?

Bill Boylan, Middletown

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