Friday, July 05, 2013

Middletown Fireworks 2013 in Photos!

Former Councilman, fundraising artist for Art for Haiti charitable organization, and photographer David Bauer captured some stunning photos of the 2013 fireworks from the banks of the Connecticut River yesterday near the Meadow Meat Company facility. Residents could see the fireworks from the grounds of Connecticut Valley Hospital, the green in front of City Hall, Harbor Park, Stop & Shop parking lot, Middlesex Community College, and  Foss Hill at Wesleyan to name a few places. 

How much did the celebration cost? The fireworks were paid for out of the 2013 Fiscal Budget and cost taxpayers $54,000. This does not include overtime for park and recreation, public works, police, and other personel who staffed the event; these will be shown as costs to each respective department.The total cost of these man hours will be available at the end of the month as appropriations.

The City's celebration also included music accompaniment by The Middletown Symphonic Band and a variety of food trucks in the municipal parking lot.

Where did you watch the fireworks? All images and video are copyrighted to Mr. Bauer.


  1. David Bauer you are so talented! This are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us and capturing Middletown's beauty!

  2. Why don't they just burn money in front of everyone instead. What did this cost? I'd rather have my money go towards schools, public safety, and elderly assistance where it's needed the most. The city better stop crying about money if they want to blow it like this. Fiduciary responsibility my rear end!

  3. Probably the sorriest grand finale I've ever seen. Mostly low level boring stuff. Better fireworks on my street.


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