Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mission Accomplished! Purple Heart Homes

Mission Accomplished!
 Article and photos by 
William Boylan, Middletown CT

Sen. Murphy at dedication of a
 Purple Heart Home to
Veteran  SSgt. Sandra Lee
Saturday, July 27, disabled veteran, SSgt. Sandra Lee took possession of her newly renovated and furnished Purple Heart Home!  200-300 people turned out for the ceremonies.

The house was renovated primarily with donated funds and volunteer work from tradesmen, and grassroots community support.  Sandra has a mortgage of 50% of the market value of the property and that money is used to help older veterans; because, older vets don't get the kind of community/financial support that our younger ones do.

This is a unique project for PHH, in that in that Sandra Lee is PHH's first female veteran and it will be featured on NBC's, "George to the Rescue".  The program will air in late August in NY and a week later, nationally.  Check your local NBC listing, or watch the episode on line after the broadcast date.  (George to the Rescue)

SSgt. Sandra Lee at the dedication of
her Purple Heart Home
A photo journal of Saturday's events can be seen in the set, "Purple Heart Homes", on my Flickr page, below.  Organized as follows:  A) Inside the finished house, B) Cast of George 2 Rescue, C)  Rogues gallery of volunteers, D)  A lesson in flag folding, E) Classic cars, F) The "reveal" for the TV show, G) Parade and flag raising, F) Final ceremonies with various speakers and the crowd.

On NBC News,

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