Friday, July 19, 2013

Guestblog: Conservative Round Up by Palin Smith

Below is a guestblog by Palin Smith- Many thanks Palin! The views expressed may or may not necessarily reflect those of the Insider staff. This is published as a courtesy to readers.


The CT Restoration Coalition pot luck picnic at KING 33 was a big hit. Nearly 100 patriots from all over the state attended. To see pictures follow this link
Nobody can remember a bigger rally for or against an incumbent state senator, Republican or Democrat, than this one. And it’s just the beginning.
We’re planning rallies in Newtown and Fairfield.
The CT RC is a forum where individuals and groups come to discuss state issues, to network, organize and learn. You can find more at this link
We’ve been hoping to take the CT RC on the road to other regions of the state. Enfield, Middletown, Norwich, near New Haven and in Fairfield County. If you know of a spacious indoor facility near these locations that we could use for a minimal charge, please let us know.
Another idea in the works is to meet in smaller groups, possibly in each of the 36 state senate districts. The smaller groups can meet in a home, place of business after hours or side room in a restaurant. If you would like to volunteer to lead in your senate district, please reply.
The smaller groups may work to help support municipal candidates this year, and then expand to help identify, recruit and support state candidates in 2014. If we are serious about victory, we must find the best people and help them win.
Unaffiliated, Libertarian and Independent and Republican voters are encouraged to run for public office. Conservative Democrats who embrace the Constitution will be seriously considered as opponents to incumbent Republican OATH BREAKERS, unless the oath breakers are successfully replaced in a primary.
So far there is a short list of candidates we are supporting.
The list will grow as more people get nominated onto their town’s slate of candidates during the month of July. The local candidates this year might become state candidates in years to come. We’re building a Patriot’s Farm Team because we can’t fully trust the Republican Party to do the right thing. An additional layer of vetting is a good thing.

(R) Chris Duffy for Alderman in New Britain.
(R) Angel Fernandez for Common Council in Middletown
(R) Jessica Chiong for Board of Education in West Haven
Tuesday, July 16, we attended a special bill-signing ceremony in Southbury. Governor Malloy, several other dignitaries and almost 100 people were present to witness 800 acres of farmland at the Southbury Training School transferred from the Department of Developmental Services to the Agriculture Department. The entire event is documented on You tube at this play list link:
You may enjoy this one starting at about 2:10
We’ve recently become aware of a new national movement to Impeach Obama. Rallies have been staged on Highway Overpasses. Tea Party tactics are being employed by an entire new group of recently awakened Americans.

In Connecticut one goal is to stage at least one Overpass Rally in each of the state’s thirty-six (36) state senate districts. Select an overpass near you that is highly visible, low to the ground, with short safety fences, with close parking and a safe sidewalk. Bring a camera.
The demonstrations will be focused at the morning and afternoon rush hours to take advantage of dense, slow-moving traffic. August 6 is the day chosen for the first national “Patriot Wave”. Learn more on the CT Facebook page.
EVERYONE IS WELCOME to join. Select your bridge, bring some friends, a flag and some big Impeach Obama signs. Document your rally with pictures and post on the Facebook page.
Sign up to send a huge Twitter Eblast here. It’s called THUNDERCLAP!
Democrats must take the lead if we are to rid ourselves of Obama. The NSA issue may be the tipping point. Wealthy Democrats recently protested Nancy Pelosi in Maryland. It’s four years after the CT Tea Party, but it’s a good start.
Friday, 19 July starting at 6:00 pm at 204 Wright Road, Killingly.
Please RSVP and contact Duffy at
If you agree with defeating Democrat Don Williams, District 29 State Senator in 2014, please forward to your RTC/GOP email list, and discuss at your next meeting.
The immediate/short term goal is to identify prospective candidates who could challenge, and defeat Don Williams in District 29 (towns of Brooklyn, Canterbury, Killingly, Mansfield, Putnam, Scotland, Thompson, Windham). At the state level, it’s not too early to be looking for a winning candidate. To win, we need a CT/District 29-historic candidate. And make no mistake; winning does not happen by accident.
However, I believe along the way, we need to identify, and cultivate prospective candidates who might be interested in challenging, and able to beat Don Williams in District 29. We must become the party that can chew gum and walk at the same time.

Anne Dauphinais: Join us this coming Friday, 19 July starting at 6:00 pm at 204 Wright Road, Killingly. The purpose of the get together is to exchange ideas and discuss how to go about beating Don Williams in 2014. Rations provided by Giant Pizza, beer and wine provided by Friendly Spirits.
Make no mistake my friends, if we want to defeat Don in 2014, we need to start organizing now. My experience also tells me winning and losing has an attitude, a smell.
Please forward to your members and friends; we’re looking for ideas and help to defeat Don in 2014.
I’m hoping each of you can attend this Friday’s meeting. Please RSVP and contact Duffy at if you plan to attend. If not, maybe a representative? I’m hoping an RTC representative from every town will attend. Without strong, local RTC support, it won’t’ work, no matter the candidate. Both must hit on all cylinders to have a chance.
Best Regards, and please forward,
Dale “Duffy” Dauphinais, Town of Killingly,
State Senate District 29 Dump Don Williams Citizen Committee
Find us on Facebook: Dump Don Williams.
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)
Pass the matches or get out of the way…..
Palin Smith
If you’re sick and tired of the Republican Party and you live in or around Norwich, you might be interested in this message we received earlier today.

Dan Reale has been building the Libertarian Party of Connecticut steadily for four years. Dan ran for 2nd District Rep. against Joe Courtney in 2010 and 2012. Dan got the CCDL endorsement over Republican Paul Formica last year. Check out the following email and make some inquiries:
“Ballot access was attained today for our whole team, so the Libertarians have 6 people on the ballot for the November 5th election. Team Russell will take Norwich by storm on November 5th, we will take the reins of Norwich and show America what the Libertarians can do once we take control of government. I also got the business cards today, so please arrange to come by to pick up some.
Bill Russell
Libertarian Candidate for
Mayor of Norwich
Phone: 860-334-6769
Fax: 860-886-1683

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