Friday, July 19, 2013

Local Democrats Nominate Slate for Municipal Elections 2013

TOMMY! TOMMY! TA TA TOMMMMY and the D's!!!  Last night the Democratic Town Committee nominated Mayor Dan Drew for a second time as their mayoral candidate. Party leaders, while visibly struggling to hold back tears of ecstasy, Bob "Zippy" Santangelo and Tom Serra joined hands and pontificated about the absent 33 year old mayor 's omniscient qualities. 

The town committee then nominated all six incumbent common council candidates: Mary Bartolotta, Gerry Daley, Grady Faulkner, Hope Kasper, Robert Santangelo and Thomas Serra. The D's added Planning and Zoning commissioner Carl Chisem and former councilman James Streeto.

For the 3 open slots on the Planning and Zoning Commission, four candidates were selected: Rob Blanchard, current commissioner Daniel Russo, and Paul Turenne.

Board of Education candidates are as follows:  Richard Kagan, Franca Biales,  Steven Kovach, former Councilman Vinnie Loffredo, who left in January 2011 giving Dan Drew his slot.
Board of Assessment Appeals: Salvatore Micciulla and  Aristia Partiss

In a staged ruse, Chairman Dan Pickett nominated Que Phipps for a council seat which he declined. Recently dumped Councilman Todd Berch declined a nomination for City Treasurer yielding to incumbent Que Phipps. " You are awesome." "No you are awesomer." It was a love fest all around. The D's failed to back Wesleyan Professor and Middletown Eye Administrator Stephen Devoto for  requested slot on the  P&Z slate.

For a detailed report of who declined nominations and who was declined see Cassandra Day's story posted on the Patch here:

2 out of 3 predictions on our part came true for nominees; the D's once again slighted Que Phipps filling the empty council seat by recycling party veteran Carl Chisem instead.We were  proved wrong by the D's as Councilwoman Hope Kasper comes back for another round. Stay tuned for the Insider's take on events comings soon!

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