Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Lesser's Support of Drivers Licenses for Illegals is Exploitation & Self-Serving

Letter to the Editor:

Once again Middletown's representative at the capital Rep. Matt Lesser acts in his own best interest instead of that of the citizens he is supposed to advocate for in his support of the bill to allow illegal immigrants to get Connecticut driver's licenses. The  latest poll from Quinnipiac University  found that citizens oppose  allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses  65% to 31%. Voters don't want licenses given to illegals.

 The argument of granting drivers licenses to undocumented illegal immigrants in order to make roads safer is flawed. The facts surrounding not supporting licensing illegals have been manipulated as well. Conservatives who do not support drivers licenses for illegals are not bigots as the left wants everyone to believe; all of our ancestors are immigrants in some capacity. The difference is our ancestors had to became legal citizens before getting the benefits and rights of being a full citizen; it is that process that should be maintained. 

Because of the flawed logic used to justify support of this bill, we are left to assume that Lesser voted for  undocumented illegal immigrants to be allowed to obtain drivers licenses because the influx of new registrants will help fill the state coffers. Support of licensing illegal immigrant drivers will also garner sympathy votes from supporters of big government. Social services and non profits that support, and at the same time exploit the hardship of these individuals, are also the same special interest groups who's affiliates shell out big campaign contributions to progressive's like Lesser.  

Holding true to form, Lesser puts the potential earning of his re-election campaign before  the Constitutionality of the law at hand, as he did in supporting the stricter gun control laws recently passed in Connecticut that violate the 2nd Amendment.  My question is: How do the state legislators think it is okay to break Federal law?
The legislators are not doing what's best for, or what is  being asked for  by the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Lesser and other legislators who supported this bill are pandering to the special interest groups who fill their campaign war chests.

Bill Wilson
Vice Chair of The Middletown Republican Party

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