Saturday, June 08, 2013

MRTC PigRoast 2013: A Few Photos

Meriden Boat Club- Approximately 75 people showed up to enjoy the amazing flavor of Chef WW's secret pulled pork recipe, which by law should be washed down by Coca-Cola or Coors Lite depending on who you are.  The hungry crowd was enthusiastic to eat the usual fix in's and to partake in such events as: Billy Wilson Trivia, Who will throw the trash out?- while many other wondered what happened to the leftovers from the 2011 bash.  It was also a time to plan the future and keep the message of fair play and fiscal responsibility alive- translation, we paid the bills for the event without taking out a bond or going into default unlike the state budget.

A great photo of State Chairman Labriola with MRTC Chair Ken McClellan,
 Robin Goss, RTC Vice Chair William Wilson,
 and Former Mayor Sebastian Giuliano from the RTC BBQ a few hours ago.

Chairman Labriola had a wonderful time talking with MRTC members at
their Annual Republican Town Committee BBQ today!

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