Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vote on Middletown Budget Tonight

Tonight the Common Council votes on $137.85 million proposed budget at city hall at 7 pm. Open to the public. The Council can choose to adopt amendments. Property taxes would increase 3.3 percent under Mayor Dan Drew's proposed spending package who raise property taxes 3.3 percent . The proposed budget also would fund the school board at $75.55 million, an additional $3 million over last year.

Last year the Republican minority presented an alternative budget which was defeated 10-2. Republican Council Minority leader Phil Pessina has already made statements to the media  at the Mayor's presentation of the budget, endorsing the Mayor's budget as proposed.

Also in Common Council news, last week the council voted to accept Mayor Drew's nomination of Democrat Carl Chisem to replace Democrat Michael Johnson on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Johnson is leaving the board because he is moving out of Middletown. Chisem had served on the commission in the past.


  1. Let me make a prediction. It will pass because our council people are egomania freaks that are all about themselves. The bigger problem is the people who vote them in, time and time again. Two more years of Drew. Yuck!

  2. My understanding is that the majority Council voted to RAISE our taxes tonight over what was proposed by Drew. When in God's name is someone going to wake up, listen and understand that the taxpayers in this community can't afford to fund their pet projects anymore? Water & Sewer taxes up, late and incorrect. Public funds being used for private gain... i.e., Middletown Youth Soccer Fields - don't believe me? Request the financial documents for services PAID for at the fields on Country Club Road and Long Hill. Or better yet, view all of the City trucks running to Country Club Road site each day. Folks... this is a private entity! Not to be supported with taxpayer funds! Merger of departments at a COST to the citizens. This municipality is out of control and shame on the Serracrats for allowing the taxpayers to suffer to grease politicos palms. Then again, Pessina and Bibisi are not any better. Time to clean house or move out!

  3. Prediction. Deb and Linda out as council seats v


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