Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Feast of St. Sebastian & Procession of the Nuri this weekend

photo via St. Sebastian website
photo via St. Sebastian website
One of the oldest cultural traditions of Middletown is the feast of St. Sebastian at St. Sebastian's Church on Washington Street.. The celebration is that young men and women dressed in white with red sashes, run barefooted  into the church to pay respect to the  patron saint. The statue of the saint is taken into the streets of Middletown in procession called the Nuri. This year marks the 92nd Annual Feast celebration in Middletown. Accompanying celebrations include a carnival, vendors, raffles, music, a homemade wine competition, and food taking place on the grounds outside St. Sebastians during the three day celebrations. Thousands come home to Middletown to take part- Catholics and non Catholics alike join in the massive celebration.

Video via the youtube channel of Father Thaikoottathil of St. Sebastian's Church

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