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Guest Blog: Greetings Patriots from Palin Smith Conservative Roundup

 Below is a roundup of Conservative events being held this week. Complied and submitted by Palin Smith. Opinions are that of Palin Smith and do not necessarily reflect that of Insider Staff.

The highly anticipated union protest against Wisconsin Governor, Republican Scott Walker, was even more entertaining than expected. On Monday, May 20, over 200 people representing various unions arrived at the vest pocket park adjacent to the entrance to First Stamford Place. Several very large inflated animal chariacatures were designated as Governor Walker’s escort committee by CT AFLCIO President, John Olsen. The plastic creatures actually more resembled Democrats than Republican symbols.
A counter rally supporting Walker fizzled. Only a handful of patriots made the effort to attend. It’s all captured in this you tube play list.
The tiny counter rally debuted a “Win With Walker” yard sign, but it was the “John McKinneyMust Go” sign that made the biggest splash.
If you were not one of the approximately 700 establishment Republicans who paid $250 each to witness Sen. John McKinney receive the annual Prescott Bush award, but regretted missing Governor Walker’s speech, you are in for a treat. Thanks to William Landers of Ameriborn News, we can share Walker’s message of optimism.
Don’t miss the highlighted comments below the video.

In part of his speech, Governor Walker spoke about campaigning in Milwaukee neighborhoods where the people “had never seen a Republican before”. Walker is a rare Republican. He actually did what others only talk about.
In Connecticut there is a man very similar to Scott Walker. A Republican who goes where Republicans are an endangered species. His name is Wayne Winsley. If you take the time to read this weekly newsletter, you viewed an attachment a week ago showing Winsley’s “Brave Enough To Fail” presentation.
On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this week, Wayne Winsley spoke to the entire student population of Warren Harding High School in Bridgeport. A thousand of those students will be eligible to vote in 2014. All will have a chance to vote in 2016. Wayne Winsley’s message is positive and hopeful, the rarest seed in a Connecticut inner city. Watch Wayne in this three set video play list as he speaks to 850 teenagers on the first of two days.

Many Connecticut towns and cities voted on school budget referendums in May. In previous years large turnouts helped to stymie outrageous hikes in taxes. For some reason in 2013, voter suppression allowed formidable increases in school budgets. And in many cases student enrollment has been steadily declining as the number of teachers, over-paid administrators and new social engineering projects balloon.
Think about this question. Why would you vote to spend more money to fund an education system that is designed to lower the achievement standards while tracking your children like lab rats?The government Common Core Curriculum must be ejected from Connecticut. It’s another tentacle of socialism run amok. To learn more follow this link to a face book page
Every year is an election year. Municipal Elections occur this year. There is no elected position more critical to the well-being of a community than member on a Board of Education. The BOE controls where the bulk of your taxes go. It decides what your children learn and who teaches them. Never assume your kids are in good hands at school! Political correctness, apathy and mediocrity begins in the public school system. Attend your BOE meetings. You will be amazed!
Regional grass roots meetings are in the planning stages. If you want to run for BOE, you will have an opportunity to brainstorm, train and meet with others and with current BOE members to help you gain an advantage in the process. Reply to participate or you may like to start your own regional support group. If you have chips in the game (children) don’t let the riverboat gamblers hold all the aces!
We all know Connecticut is a “blue” state, right? Democrats maintain a two-to-one stranglehold on the General Assembly. So you might be surprised by this vote the other morning.
An amended Bill to allow Illegal Immigrants to obtain Connecticut Drivers Licenses passed the CT House by 74-55. The bill passed at 5:48 AM. Consider the difference of 10 votes - the bill is rejected. That’s why it’s so crucial we all get politically active in 2013 to help roll back the Democrat majority in 2014. Remember what Governor Walker did in Wisconsin, a state very similar to Connecticut back in 2008. Walker’s trump card to victory was the Tea Party. He embraced it. Connecticut Republicans actively avoid or block it. That has to change. You can bring sanity back to the Republican Party.
I urge every Unaffiliated or registered Republican to attend your own Republican Town Committeemeetings. Find out when they are scheduled and take the time once a month to get involved. Question: are you happy with the choices the CT GOP makes every election year? The people who attend those meetings get to pick the candidates. If you are continually disappointed with candidate selection, do something about it! Use this link to find your town organization. Make some calls.
Following up on the “John McKinney Must Go” signs: Senate Minority Leader, Republican John McKinney, was co-architect of the gun control bill Governor Malloy signed into law on April 4.McKinney’s actions insulted and harmed all the law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut. His actions have forever poisoned any future cooperation between the conservative base and the Republican “leadership”. Patriot groups have designated John McKinney as the man to beat in the 2014 elections. McKinney’s aspirations of obtaining the Republican nomination for governor must be blocked.
So……who among you would like to join in a march through downtown Fairfield, McKinney’s hometown?We're contemplating a 90 minute march on a Saturday at noon, spaced out for half a mile in length. We have 100 “John McKinney Must Go” yard signs to loan. The plan would be to wind like a snake through central Fairfield finishing at the Gazebo on the Town Green for a group picture. We’re tentatively looking at June 15 with a rain date of June 22. Please let us know if you can join us. This is the time for gun enthusiasts to make a strong showing. Already about thirty people have responded affirmatively.
A hundred or more would be the best. If you missed the 2nd Amendment rallies in Hartford, this is Your time to stand in solidarity with your 2A brethren.
State Senator Joan Hartley represents Middlebury, part of Naugatuck and the western half of Waterbury. Hartley is a political chameleon. Sometimes she votes with the Republican minority, but when important issues are up for a vote she falls in line with the nonsensical majority. This video of her appearance at a Middlebury town hall meeting has received an unusual number of views.
The comments speak for themselves.
Sen. Hartley must be replaced by a person of integrity and knowledge. It’s obvious she’s more concerned with her looks than she is with keeping up with serious issues. Allowing Hartley’s reelection would be a smear on the citizens in her district. Please find a good replacement.
We are all suspicious of the main stream media. Some early Tea Party organizers have created a Fairfield County online newspaper. The first issue is more attuned to national issues, but soon the publication will focus on regional and local topics. For our Fairfield County subscribers we encourage you to read, contact and offer your own text to this startup endeavor. The first issue is attached. People in other regions may also find the idea appealing.
We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day holiday weekend.
But let us NEVER forget the patriots who preceded us - the fallen heroes who sacrificed themselves so we might live free. Let us dedicate the 2014 election cycle to their memory. Let us be worthy of their full measure of devotion.
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)
Pass the matches or get out of the way…..
Palin Smith

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