Sunday, April 07, 2013

Mayor Drew's Proposed Budget 2013-2014

Mayor Drew's proposed budget 2013. When reading the budget, note the  proposed revenue side and section that shows the hit to the general fund and also the part that shows revenue coming from the state.
Last week there were reports of departments needing more money for expenditures not factored into the Mayor's budget. The question is will taxes be raised more than the projected 3.3%?
 The Common Council will be reviewing the budget at this week's meeting. The public is encouraged to attend and comment during the public session of Economic Development which meets Monday or at the Community Public Session of the Common Council being held April 11. The Council votes on the budget after all the department's have spoken on April 30th.

The various budget's for the City Department's will be done during public meetings according to the following calendar: Readhere.

April 16, 6:30PM.  Police Department, Board of Education
April 23, 6:30PM. Water and Sewer Department, Planning Department
April 25, 6:30PM. Parks and Recreation, Public Works.
April 30, 7:00PM. Public Hearing
The Expenditure side of the Mayor's proposed budget can  here read here:

The Revenue side showing the hit to the General Fund is available here:

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