Sunday, April 07, 2013

Is MM worth $600,000 a year? What's your opinon?

I make $600,000 a year. Am I worth it?
Mark Masselli, whose non- profit organization Community Health Center is currently being investigated by the Feds, is a name that has come up a lot lately in connection with the Chris Donovan campaign.  The question is, does he deserve $600,000 a year(as reported by the Patch)- which is more than President Obama makes.

One needs to remember that he also gets a lot of perks at the CHC such as: jetting off to Tibet to see the HH Dahli Lami for 3 months, MM has an office that would make a James Bond villain jealous with all of it's gadgets and green technology (Think Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons).

  Mark is also allowed to take off and see the Olympics and do other fun stuff that the normal working Joe isn't able to do so.  Do you want to know why? Entitlements, my friend.

While you are working and sweating at your job, MM fastens on his bow tie and claims to help the poor? How does he do this? It's not like he is Mother Theresa and really giving it UP for the poor, nope, MM takes taxpayers dollars and utilizes them for himself.  It could be the trips, or the annual party at the Wadsworth Mansion that has Pizza Trucks and other games for CHC employees, but what about the real people? The mission is to provide health care for the people- not to cash in high checks and hob nob with celebrities. 

What is the line between profit and non profit?


  1. Wrong: He's not wearing a bowtie in the photo, please correct!

    How about his wife? She makes a lot of cabbage at the also non-profit, KIDCITY!! WOW! Government Entitlement gone wild

  2. Worth it! Hangs out with Gov of Colorado and hopes Hockenloppppperdoooper becomes PREZ so he can pull the ole Nixon on MARKIE mark

  3. Mark Masselli created a business that provides quality health care to a large part of the low income population. His business not only provides higher quality service, but provides services that would otherwise be unavailable to low income people. On top of that he has saved the state taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing the cost of those services. As a result CHC is by far the largest community health organization in the state, it is actually almost as large as all of the other health centers in Connecticut combined.
    Is Masselli worth his 300k salary? He created a successful business that improved services for its clients and significantly reduced both the immediate and long term costs of the services, costs that are largely paid by taxpayers. His business model has been copied throughout the state and the nation. It is a non-profit organization, but that doesn't mean that everyone there works for free. Take a look at the salaries of the CEO's of Connecticut's non-profit hospitals, who earn as much as two million a year if you want some comparisons.

    It is also worth noting that CHC is not being investigated by the Feds. It is Donovan's campaign that is being investigated.

    Masselli is someone who has done well by doing good. There is nothing wrong with that.

  4. MaMa learned from the best, biggest pairasite in town is Mr. 300KKK McHugee - he's down in NOrleans basking & freeboating on YouCon's womens BB. First in line for free swag, babieee!

  5. I do think that huge salaries of health care and insurance execs are a big problem but Mark's salary is well under what other CEOs of large CT. healthcare organizations are getting. The average is $900,000.

  6. But folks at NEAT got laid off- how does this make sense to lay off some and pay others mucho more??

  7. Mark is non-PROFIT! Helping people!! Tons of perks too.

  8. He is feeding at the State and Federal trough for his funding, which pays his salary. All these hospital CEO's are way overpaid, while the people who do the actual work are squeezed on a daily basis. The former Middlesex Hospital CEO made $1.2million. When is it ever enough. These elite are really not that elite. It's a club and we little people pay. As for Larry McHugh, he was asleep at the switch allowing the UCONN Police chief to make 258K. And McHugh treats little people like dirt.


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