Sunday, April 07, 2013

Is MM worth $600,000 a year? What's your opinon?

I make $600,000 a year. Am I worth it?
Mark Masselli, whose non- profit organization Community Health Center is currently being investigated by the Feds, is a name that has come up a lot lately in connection with the Chris Donovan campaign.  The question is, does he deserve $600,000 a year(as reported by the Patch)- which is more than President Obama makes.

One needs to remember that he also gets a lot of perks at the CHC such as: jetting off to Tibet to see the HH Dahli Lami for 3 months, MM has an office that would make a James Bond villain jealous with all of it's gadgets and green technology (Think Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons).

  Mark is also allowed to take off and see the Olympics and do other fun stuff that the normal working Joe isn't able to do so.  Do you want to know why? Entitlements, my friend.

While you are working and sweating at your job, MM fastens on his bow tie and claims to help the poor? How does he do this? It's not like he is Mother Theresa and really giving it UP for the poor, nope, MM takes taxpayers dollars and utilizes them for himself.  It could be the trips, or the annual party at the Wadsworth Mansion that has Pizza Trucks and other games for CHC employees, but what about the real people? The mission is to provide health care for the people- not to cash in high checks and hob nob with celebrities. 

What is the line between profit and non profit?

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