Sunday, April 14, 2013

Guestblog:Can't Get There From Here, The Preposterous Police Paradigm Middletown

Below is a essay by Fred Carrol. All opinions expressed are that of the author and not necessarily that of the Insider staff.

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In his own words below:
Can't Get There From Here, The Preposterous Police Paradigm Middletown- you, me, and forty five thousand of our closest friends. The Police-I don't know the total staff number but there are generally about one hundred gun toting, badge wearing Officer types, and their job, Ladies and Gentlemen, is, to make sure that the rest of us behave ourselves in a general kind of way and obey all the important laws, right? Do you know anyone other than a Lawyer who knows "The Law"? Do you think Cops are particularly well versed in "The Law"? And what, pray tell, is this "Law"? Is Law from God? Does God guide the hand of the Lawmaker, whether King, President, President For Life, Pharaoh or what have you? And to hasten an answer to my posited questions, no, of course not on all accounts. So what "motivates" any given Policy Enforcer? Well, from soup to nuts and varying from individual to individual, but of course there's the paycheck and the power, those would be constants. Would you do this if you weren't getting paid is a certain Litmus Test. Most "standing armies" for example won't fight if they don't get paid, as far as I understand, whereas Revolutionaries and Insurgents and Freedom Fighter types fight either for freedom, homeland, life itself, or obviously just cause they're crazy and like to fight in some cases, but it ain't about a Paycheck. If it is about a paycheck, then it's time to talk about money, and who controls money.....and we know who makes and owns "the money", though don't look to me for THAT story. But for example, if the Police where about Justice and What's Right, they would smash their way into every establishment which sells cigarettes, grab the proprietor, drag him out into the the street, and pistol whip him-"This is for Johnny, who's got Cancer!".

 Fred Carroll

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